Monday, July 09, 2007


It is SO hot here lately, and no rain til, maybe Tuesday? Grrrrr.....oh well, at least it's not humid like, when you go outside it feels like you're breathing through a wet towel over your face!
I had so much fun today, and it didn't cost me long has it been since you've been able to say that? I didn't do a ton of stuff, I guess, but, my day was SO freakin' FULL!!
Now that I'm in the habit of getting out of this house for a few hours a day, well, I'm sitting here thinking about how much time & how many years I wasted...NEVER, EVER gonna happen again! ...the one time a few weeks ago that I said that to Tif, she said "You can't do anything about that now (hey! that's MY line!), so forget you were that way, and go forward from here.". Damn, she's such a smart kid, how'd I get so lucky?
But I did spend some money today, not cuz I had to, just cuz I wanted to...lemme tellya how spoiled my 23 year old daughter is now...the last three days I've gotten her a little bag of gummy sharks, the next day, a pack of those little wax pop bottles with colored sugar water in 'em, and yesterday, I found a pack of 'Lik-M-Aid' at the Certified, of course, I stopped over at her house to drop it off...she yelled "Thanks, Mom!" then immediately started saying "What are you trying to do, make me fat??" I just looked over at her date, and giggled, and told her to keep eating, cuz I'd LOVE to have her clothes passed on to me! whoo-hooo! Anyway...I have been everywhere in the last week, EVERYWHERE!! (well, ok, in this town, anyway). Seriously, I really wish this thing had an odometer on it...when I used to drive 55 miles north to work every morning, I used the odometer every time I could! To figure out gas mileage, to check if it really WAS 80 miles to Toledo, to know that it's exactly 100 miles from my parking space beside my old apartment to the Michigan state border...hmmmm...see how exciting I made life when I was trying to think of something, to think about while I was in the car for 2 hours a day...
I rode back down toward the house I grew up in again...I do know that's about a mile. (scooter battery holds a 7 mile chg, I make sure I plug it in & charge it EVERY night!). And I took my digital camera with me, just cuz it was such a gorgeous day out, and I was going to be going by all the 2 & 3 & 4 story houses, so I was stopping every couple of houses, taking pictures of them, and all of a sudden started wondering exactly how long it would take before somebody had the cops get me because they thought I was a terrorist...I did get tons of great pictures, but I didn't get them off the camera yet.
Going around the block there, I was in front of the apartments beside the old house, and there were a few people sitting in front of one, they walked over, we talked for awhile, when I left, the lady said stop over anytime, they're always cooking out and having friends over in the summer, and I should just stop by. How cool are people?? Went a couple houses further, and here comes a guy up the sidewalk, and he stopped, we talked for a while. He was nice...albeit, I think, a little high or drunk, cuz he kept shaking my hand every 30 seconds or so...hahahaha! Came back this way, and went to the gas station for smokes. I was inside checking out the candy racks (just because they were there, ya know?), and I went by the pop cooler, and accidentally bumped the front. Immediately, I hear an older man say "Do I hear somebody speeding in here?". I said I wasn't speeding, but don't ask for my license, okay?
It's just amazing to remember how much laughter there is out there...and it's free!

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