Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tuesday...I got my ms shot a couple hours ago...

...and Tif gave it to me (in the left arm this week...I switch arms every week!), and her date was here with her, and we were all joking about something (or someone!), and I did the exact same thing I did when Tif & I went & got our bellybuttons pierced 8 years ago...I laughed while the needle was in my arm! Only Tif was 'attached' to the other end!!

And she and her date were "Quit laughing, Mom!" But I couldn't! So, here I am, laughing my ass off, and she's doing her best to keep the needle in my arm, and get the injection in! And, I might've laughed all the way through it, but when she was done, I realized how much my friggin' arm hurt!

Anyway...the first picture is this cute little house on one of the main streets downtown, and it's a museum. And the big brick house is the one on one of the main streets in this town (it's the one right across the street from the house I grew up in). And, you know what? If I could, I'd buy that house and move in!! I LOVE big old brick houses! I like the big brick one better cuz I have a much better chance of seeing a ghost there...well, maybe not...the other one is supposed to be very historical and all...I do know that my old house was close to the Underground Railroad, and all, and I found a few hiding places in there when I was a kid (great places for hide and seek!).
Tif took me to an appointment today, and I finally got to give her the bags of candy I've been getting for her everywhere when I've seen it...like the blue & white gummy sharks, and the stupid little wax pop bottle things with colored syrup in 'em. Thankfully, none of that stuff is anything I'd want! (good thing, or it would've been gone by now!). Also a good thing that she doesn't like chocolate (yet!). She's always liked anything fruity-flavored, like jolly ranchers & stuff like that. That's fine...I can get 6 candy bars and a bag of jolly ranchers, & I don't have to share my candy!! Whee! Hip-hip-hooray!
The other night I was up all night watching tv again, and it's like I'm watching the 'all 70's station'! I watched 'Three's Company', 'Good Times' (I always loved that show!), 'The Jeffersons', and 'All In The Family', which is great...everything Archie says is my dad!! I miss him...he's been gone a little over a year (Dad, not Archie!). Tif and niece B went up and put an arrangement on his grave a couple weeks ago, on the anniversary. I would go, but the 'family cemetary' is an hour north. (it's not ours, but Mom's whole family is buried there, going back for generations...even my great-grandma Libby!)
Well, time to go, Nancy Grace is coming on, and I can't miss that! I know...I'm hooked on tv...but I'm also reading while I'm listening/kinda watching...right now I'm re-reading 'Bias', by Bernard Goldberg.
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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