Sunday, July 22, 2007

awake, again!

Okay, the yellow house with the red porch railings on the right of this picture is the house I grew up in, from age 2 - 18, and it's the one that had good hiding places for hide-and-seek! The brown house on the left was where 3 really nice old ladies lived. Helen (one of the 3), was the one that used to take me Christmas shopping for my family every year. The big thing I remember (besides the wrapping at her house later), was going to McDonald's for dinner afterwards, and getting a Big Mac! In the styrofoam container, remember those? The great big rock in the middle is a permanent fixture there, it's been there forever! Since way before those houses were built. Which was the late 1800's. The rock was used by the president who got the troops to enlist for the Spanish-American war! In the local history books, it said that president McKinley stood on the rock to recruit guys to fight. Who knows? All I knew was we always had fun playing 'King of the Hill' on it! And when they were building our house, it was originally supposed to have 24-inch thick basement walls, but the rock is so big & deep into the ground, they had to go to 20-inch thick! I was always afraid of the basement, anyway, until I stored my beer can collection down there when I was, like 15 + !

This huge white house was the beauty parlor right across the street. My mom used to go there once a week to get her hair 'done'. I don't know what they 'did' to it, it always looked the same to me! This beauty parlor is still there, and popular with the older ladies in town still. Jim (the owner...still owns it!), when I was little, had one of those little black jockeys as a lawn ornament out in this front lawn...hmmmmm...wonder where that went?
Okay, well, I haven't done much of anything today, just ate toast with crunchy peanut butter for breakfast, did my physical therapy exercises (retch!), ate a banana, took a shower, fed the cat, & took numerous naps between everything! No, I didn't go anywhere today. But I'm pretty proud of myself so far...I STILL have a 'family size' Hershey's chocolate bar with almonds out in the kitchen 'junk food cabinet'...+ a 'family size' Almond Joy....the reason for those quotation marks is, when you see 'family size', that means 'Libby size'! And I stay 108 lbs, no matter! Oops, I really hafta I hear an ice cream truck coming down the street...see ya!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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