Friday, July 06, 2007

Friday already...

Holy CRAP!!! OW!!!! It's too early in the morning to look at this!!

I bet this didn't feel too awful good either, but, of course, I personally wouldn't know...I'm a girl, so the first reaction I have is riotous laughter...

But, this poor little bunny almost makes me cry to look at it!!

I've been running around town on my scooter for the last couple days. I went the regular way down towards Tif's house the other day, then went the other way about 8 blocks down by my old house I grew up in, and all the other big houses down that way (geez, do I miss that neighborhood!). And it was kinda started sprinkling while I was out by the garage at my old house, and I remembered exactly where to stand so I didn't get rained on!! Wow!! A 35 year-old memory!! Then it quit sprinkling, so I took back off down the street, to the ice cream stand, cuz I wanted a couple chicken sandwiches and a strawberry it was the fourth of July, it was closed!! Grrrr....Oh well...I rode over next door to it, to the new mini-mart, that used to be a Lawson's, then a Dairy Mart. It's just a kinda little junk food store, and deli meats, and cigarettes, some frozen's just the kind of place I like. Not so much for deli stuff, but, they have every kind of candy you ever thought of! I actually found a little 2/$1.00 pk of gummy sharks, remember those? Bright blue & white?? I never liked 'em, but Tif used to beg for 'em every time we saw them at a store when she was 2 or 3!! I told her last night that I found a bag for her again, when she called, and she was like, "WAHH-HOO!! I'll be over to get 'em in a couple days!!" heeheeheehee!!!
Anyway, they were kinda busy, and I'm glad to see that! I was pretty much laughing, cuz the owner is a middle-eastern man (looks like it, anyway...), and he and his wife were so nice to me! Every time I went around a stack of 12-pks of pop or a rack of chips or something, he'd run out from behind the counter, and move all the stuff, even though I said " You don't need to do that...", he'd just give me a huge smile, & say, "It's no problem!!" The funniest thing was....he was BAREFOOT!! haha!! I know a lot of people'd be yukkin' about that, but, it just kinda made him more human!!
So I spent probly $8.00 in there, on a can of peanuts, gummy sharks, candy necklaces, strawberry cookies, Take 5 candy bar, Fritos...all kinda stuff...holy crap! And, yes, it's gone already! Shut up! How long has it been since you've been in a candy store?? You'd do the same! Oh, and I got a can of Rockstar pop, but I haven't tried it yet...
I have a do people get so behind on their income taxes, like, $35,000.00?? I hardly made that much when I was single!! And these don't look like 'rich people' either~! Just like the people that go on cruises, and they don't look rich, either! How does this happen? I've never gone on a cruise...or owed $35,000 to income taxes...and people that are single & keep having kids? One was all I could afford!
I was awake all night the last few nights, and saw lots of stuff on tv I haven't seen for awhile..."Good Times", "The Jeffersons", Cheers", "Roseanne"..."Blind Date", and, of course, my favorite...."Cheaters"!! There was a big black woman on there who was wanting to catch her big boyfriend cheating, and they caught him in a restautant with the girl he was cheatin with, and his girlfriend chased him into the men's room, and beat the SHIT out of his face with her shoe!! Then there was a white guy trying to catch his girlfriend cheating....he caught her having sex in the back of a car with a guy, the guy took off running, and went in a porta-potty...the boyfriend went up beside it, and just pushed it over!! The 'other guy' came crawling out of it while it was on its side!! OMG, was that FUNNY!! I'd love to bust someone with the 'cheaters' people, but I would never have the guts to...would you?
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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