Wednesday, July 11, 2007

the first day i haven't gone anywhere!

I totally LOVE this house!! And after you see the houses I took pictures of, you'll see why I'm 'difficult'...why, you ask? I can not do stairs, but, if you'll notice, there's not a one-story to be found in this collection...

No, I'm sure there's a one story house around somewhere that I'll like (not that I'm looking or anything...), I just like the way a 2 or 3 story looks...I think it's for the aesthetical reason, that they just seem to look more friendly & solid!
It was a gorgeous day outside, wasn't it? The brick house is right across the street from the one I grew up in, and it's got kinda a 'haunty' reputation...looks like it's well deserved, huh?

I didn't go anywhere today, and that's weird for me lately! But I still had a good day. Cleaning, going thru stuff, I have a feeling my trash pile out by the curb next Tuesday is gonna be pretty big...I'm just tired of "stuff" that we don't need, don't want, most of the time we don't have any idea it's there, or where it came from!!
But I did do something kinda weird today...but it's seemed to work. I've been having a hard time getting the back door to shut without really slamming it, and it's hard to open too, cuz it sticks at the edge. Well, so after I thought about it for awhile, I went and looked under the sink and found what I was looking for...WD-40!! And, yes, I DID spray it on the wood edges of the frame & door! And that was around noon, and it's seemed to work...(I'll find out if I close it later for the night, and then can't open it tomorrow, I guess...).
I was sitting here reading other blogs awhile ago,when somebody knocked on the door...that was different, cuz my back is to the door while I'm sitting here. So I got up & turned around, and it was a guy (kinda geeky lookin') with a bunch of pamphlets & stuff. I went to the door, and he was telling me that he's getting ready to open an Edward Jones investment place in our area, so he's going out in the neighborhood, introducing himself & investments...We talked for a while, found out he also had gone to that little elementary school down the street (difference was, that was 20 years earlier than me!). But, how coincidental is this?? I had just been posting awhile ago, about how much I wanted to learn about the stock market & investments...and he is magically put in front of my door??? Freaky...but, he really is nice, and he's not a big brute-lookin' a matter of fact...I could probly take him, even with ms! So I gave him my phn # and he said he'll be in touch, and he'll explain a lot of this stuff to me...I said, 'But I really don't have anything to invest right now", & he said that's ok, he'll help me for when I AM ready!
Life's just been weird like that lately....
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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