Friday, June 25, 2010

finally real summer!!

Had to put my grad picture from high school in here...just cuz, well, maybe tba...we'll see...

I took my scooter over to the JerZee last night and got a big cheeseburger & a banana split clipper (like a blizzard), & a mint choc shake that's waiting for me in the freezer now.

Kim & I are talking again...I just hate the attitude she seems to have sometimes, a "victim" attitude...when she is anything but! I dunno why she is so dead set against getting a freaking job, she's always acted as if it must be all embarrassing to work, people might see you doing that!

I had to call her today, cuz I got another im from kevin1 last night, & we were talking about a guy that...well, never mind. Suffice it to say, we ended up remembering everything all over again, you know, "remember this?" and "yeah remember that?" Funny, this July 4 will be 31 years from the first day we met!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

...June 16, 2010...

I'm just totally not up on life & everything right now! There's just all kindsa shit going on right now, & I just don't wanna dwell on it...basically, I've learned the art of 'compartmentalizing' my life, which means, well, I'm 'brainless', unless I force myself to think...Easier than I ever thought! Holy God, you mean I've been using my brain all my life, and it turns out I didn't need to?? lol...
No, there's lotsa books to read and all that...I got my newest one today in the mail...yeah, call me a sucker. I ordered it about a month ago off Glenn Beck's homepage, and it's #8729 out of the first ten thousand signed copies. I'm looking forward to reading it tonight...all I've read for months is nonfiction politics, but this is Glenn's fiction novel, The Overton Window.
I've got Kim's mom looking for a good apartment I'd like. She's been a realtor in town for 35 years! And Kim & I have been BFF's that long, Kim'll help her out on what I want!
Bro was here the other day & brought back the book I let him take on vacation when I was in the hospital :-/ He laid it on the desk & said he didn't get far, it was too one-sided for him!'s my signed copy of 2010, take the nation back...signed by Dick Morris...:-)
Okay, I really need to try to sleep ms dr's had me taking melatonin for my insomnia, but it works for a night, then doesn't...A lot of nights I'm still laying in bed trying to go to sleep at 6:30 AM!!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

spite & malice... a story for you today...
My best friend called me at noon today...her husband told her last night that he's leaving her...or maybe kicking her out, either way, they're done after 26 years! & three kids! She's not worked outside their home in the last 23 or 24 years...pretty much she was a stay-at-home mom & wife who cooked lunch & dinner everyday cuz the husband didn't want leftovers...EVER! ...ok, that leads up to the SPITE part of the story...
Sometime this morning before she called me, she was just crying & feeling the same way I did for a couple of years...and she was in the bathroom, and *idea*, she freaking scrubbed the toilet with his toothbrush!! I KNOW you're all out there laughing! Also let me tell you, she pushed me to post that!! I NEVER did anything like that! That's one of the things you think about doing, but you'd never ever actually DO it!! Well...she did it! I love her! She even went to church this morning before that!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!