Sunday, March 30, 2008

...gonna die in a small town...that's probly where they'll bury me...

C'mon everybody over 40, be honest. Did you all have at least one or 3 of the Frampton Comes Alive album? Every person's apartment I went to a party at had at least one, in the collection of milk crates you could always steal from the back of the grocery stores!

Decided to waste time for the next few days thinking of old shit...hopefully I can get iv steroids this week, then I can really start looking forward to the wedding in November.

Like, as far as the song 'Flirtin' With Disaster'...pew...I not only flirted with it, I stripped down and obviously went skinny-dipping in the toxic cesspool!! Thank God for my healthy daughter!
"Here I go again on my own"...Whitesnake, for the 'young kids' out there. And there's always "Da-Doo-Doo-Da-Da-Da"...This is the best radio station in the world...106.9 Houston/Conroe. "I Went To The Danger Zone..."
I got an email today from a friend who is a nurse, and she said she's glad I didn't get Chantix. She said the doctor she works for doesn't even prescribe it now! Crazy shit, how certain people use it & it does well, but then there's people like me that would be scared as hell of it!
" can't live with can't kill 'em"

Thursday, March 27, 2008


...You got no place to be Still you wonder where youre goin And why I had to leave I hear a voice and it says to me Find your way back...

I'm still, Nea, not sideways...I hope I'm smarter than that...but thanks for wondering, though. Okay...saw the psychiatrist Tuesday...he said it's a bad time for me, and he won't prescribe Chantix (I'm already on antidepressants, varied & sundry!) for me right now. Saw the psychologist today, and she said she's never in her professional life said to a patient, 'you couldn't have picked a worse time to try to quit smoking if you'd have sat and planned it!!', yeah, I've cheated a little bit, but, I'm only smoking like 2 a day, and, honestly, NO, they don't taste good, either, so, trust me, it's not gonna last!!
Tif & R are still living here till they get married in Nov, and it's fun...them and 'their little dog too'! Her name is Lily, and she's a sheltie/Jack Russell mix! She's a really good little dog...rather in need of Prozac...damn, why can't I be all that happy all the time?...ahh, well. Actually, she's upstairs in her cage all day when they're both at work, because our back yard isn't fenced in anymore cuz of my ramp, and there's no way in hell I want to take a chance of her running away.
Tif & R were calling the electric company last week to check how much their bill will be in their new seems that it's gonna be quite a bit more than their house payment every month! OUCH!!
I absolutely love "Two and A Half Men!" I never watched this show when it was on in the evenings much. But is FUNNY as hell!!
Okay...that's really all that's up here, just thought I'd touch base so Christine doesn't have a holy shitfit cuz I didn't post!! lol!

Monday, March 24, 2008

...find your way back...

Sorry Joe, I HAD to steal this! I sat and watched it til I cried again today...I got high for the first time at this concert, and I was probly high for a few days afterward! (I think I had fun, though...) I was actually 14 or 15!
This is the kind of stuff I'm trying to keep my mind on know...FLUFF! But I'm finally eating again...4 days without it really isnt good for you, you know? I didnt....'s been a month since I've smoked. I still want to, more than anything! For heaven's sake, I smoked for 28 years...and now I havent for a month? Puh-leez...
My psychologistis writing me a prescription for Chantix tomorrow. I guess one of the possibly side effects is suicide...I guess this means eithher way you wont smoke again....

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

what's the point/

I'm so fucking tired of being hurt. Why are people so Goddman mean? Does it make them feel good? All I can do now is hope & pray that I never treated anyone weaker than me like shit! I really don't think I ever did...but if I made anyone feel like this...damn me to hell.
Truly I hope karma comes back and bites him in the ass, and his little girlfriend...

Friday, March 07, 2008

Friday...a HUGE snow weekend is on the way!

EEeeeeeeeewwwwww! Ever seen the movie "Arachniphobia"?

No words are even needed for this picture...

This weekend here in Ohio we're supposed to get shit-tons of snow!! I'm actually a little bit excited about it, cuz, no matter what everyone says, I don't think we've gotten much REAL snow this year! Not like snow you could go sledding on, or anything, anyway. Or build a snowman in...or throw endless amounts of snowballs...Or build a fort to hide behind to ambush people...
However, we are supposed to get about 12 to 18 inches of snow here in central Ohio! More up toward Cleveland! Supposed to start snowing tomorrow morning, and keep going til Saturday afternoon!! Yippee! Okay...I'll shuttup...
I'm really looking forward to daylight saving time starting this Saturday night/Sunday morning. I love the extra hour of light!!
This morning, Bro picked me up at 9, so we could meet up with G at the lawyer's office. It went good...Mom & Dad left excellent records about where everything was...they were such special people...they were truly the last of a very special generation! And that does nothing but make me determined to do the same for Tif! The only problem I'd have is, well, I might not have a damn thing to leave...well...maybe a bag of Twizzlers and a roll of quarters, does that count?
It was good at the lawyer's office today, mostly because Bro rides motorcycles with him...they're both total riding freaks! Recently I know Bro's ridden down to southern Ohio, the hills down there, and California, Arizona, North Carolina, and all the states around it! They were talking about how the older they get, the less they want one of those motorcycles that you have to lean way forward to grab the handlebars! And they were both extolling the virtues of 'inversion tables''! Holy crap! Isn't Bro still 29, like I always remember him? Well, I guess not...the lawyer said that I was supposed to have a trust until I was 25...both my nice older brothers started laughing uproariously at that...while I sat there with a big ol' pout on my face, and asked the lawyer "And what's so FUNNY, huh??"...
Bro & G are both color-blind, and they were talking about how when the were little, they used to color the grass brown, and the dog green! I just said maybe that was a birth being BOYS is!! lol!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tuesday, March day for Ohio...

This is the funniest ebay buyer's name I ever saw!! The sad thing is, I might not have even caught it if I was the seller!!

...and, I think this is what you get when you have dial-up, isn't it??

Well, I'm awake again, it's now really Tuesday morning, not just after midnight!

Bro & G were here last night...they came over around 7 last night cuz we all knew that we needed to get together to deal with all the stuff going forward after Mom's funeral and everything. And we actually had kinda a good time, sharing memories and everything, and I got to hear more about before I was born, everywhere they lived and Dearborn, Michigan, Battle Creek, Michigan, Massillon, Ohio, Argentina (for Dad's job), then down to here. G was talking about when they were in Argentina, he was 3 (had his 4th birthday down there!), Bro was only 1 or 2, and G was saying that one time when they were down there, they had been out of the hotel rooms, and when they got back, the windows in their rooms had been blown out by explosions in the street! That had to be huge explosions, cuz they were on the 11th floor!!, and then got moved to the 14th! His memory must be like mine, cuz he remembers what floors they were on and everything! He even totally remembers the trip down there, the plane ride took days because they went to New York City first, then to, maybe Cuba, it was before Castro's day. It was a propellor-type plane, and to me, that's amazing! Living in Argentina's amazing too!

Anyway, Bro showed up at the door at 7:15 with 2 huge pizzas and a case of beer, and we settled in to figure out what to do. Bro called Mom's lawyer at home at 9, and set up our appt with him for tomorrow morning, and he had a bunch of notebooks that Mom had been writing notes in for the last few years (neat to see her writing again!), and she had probably had 10 pages of things that were antiques, and she was specific about the things and where they came a glass basket from her grandpa's grandpa!! Wow! How neat! There's all kinds of stuff like that in her house, and we're all trying to figure out how to split it. We're going to start out by doing what Mom & her brothers and sister had done, and all of us sit down and write down the 5 pieces of furniture we wanted the worst, and see how that goes, cuz, who knows, we might not even want the same things. So...I's just gonna be a hard thing to do. But, we did have some fun last night, talking about things...G has Dad's car already, and he was telling us how this had gone wrong, and that had needed replaced, and it cost a lot of money...and Bro laughed and said, "You know Dad's looking down and laughing his ass off, like HAHA!, cuz you always buy old-ass cars & fix them!! Even if they're not worth it!!" haha...that's probably true!! G's always been a crazy-ass about cars...I asked him last night how many cars he has...he said "I'm not tellin'" God!! This is my 55 yr old brother!! not 16!!

And I told them about the time in Detroit that our car needed water, when we were on the freeway, a black guy stopped to help us, Dad got back in the car, and Kim asked if he told 'the spook' thank you? Just because he's been referring to black people all through Detroit as that!

Okay...I gotta get ready to go vote, Kev's dad is giving me a ride over there.

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!