Wednesday, November 30, 2005

GRRRR! I'm pissed! I actually have to LEARN how to do something!

Holy CRAP!! I was getting ready to put my list of stuff I don't want for Christmas on here, but I can't figure it out...well, maybe that's a lie...I don't FEEL like reading all up on it & everything! I was just having so much fun picking out all this stuff on the web that I almost peed my pants laughing at, but then I realized...somewhere out there are people that are ASKING for one of those!! It's a sad world we live in, isn't it...

So, I gotta tell some stuff that happened at Thanksgiving. We were sitting at Kat's huuuuuggggggeeeeee dining room table (seriously, it's so long that last year after dinner we were all sitting there talking, and Ken got up to get a Pepsi, and as he was walking down the table behind people, he started smacking each person on the head, saying "duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, GOOSE!" Now THAT was some funny shit!). So, we're all sitting there talking during dinner this year (usually with our mouths full...see why I fit right in with this wonderful family?), and someone said somebody they knew was going to Taiwan, they'd left the night before, and it was a 28-hour trip. Everybody was remarking about that, and my daughter Tiffany says loudly..."28 hours! Are they driving?" No, that was a serious question, too.We're ALL still laughing about that one!

Okay, you are warned....the following message contains political opinions. You may not agree with them, but, feel free to flip the remote if you want...

If I were a Democrat (is hell frozen yet? that's just a joke, don't scream at me!), I'd be so embarrassed that John Kerry & Senator Reid had to grab microphones & give a rebuttal of the president's speech today...well, I have no friggin' idea what I'd do. A rebuttal?? For cripe's sake, can anybody see ANY sense in that? It wasn't like it was a primetime speech to the nation, on the dreaded MSM or anything! It was him talking to people from a naval academy at 9:45 am! OMG!! I smell desperation here...

Man, was Christmas a whole helluva lot more fun when your kids were, like 6, 7, 8, 9...not only was it a lot more fun, it was a lot CHEAPER, too! I loved the Christmas that we got Tiff a whole bunch of Lil' Tykes toys. A great big tree that opened, and had bedrooms in it, a set of a family+dog, big plastic cars, and all kindsa stuff! Oh, and it was, mmmm, a total of....$200.00 tops! When she was 17 or 18, I think her Christmas presents from us totaled, like 5 times that!! And it keeps going up incrementally every year!! But, in my humble, lowly opinion, the toys are getting a lot less fun! (the toys for young kids). Kids don't have to do anything with their imaginationsl...competition is frowned upon...holy I go again...must be cuz I just watched Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer...

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

thinking about everything today...

Okay...I hafta start out with some politics, ya know?
First thing is...everybody's screaming to bring the troops in Iraq home. Kinda leads me to wonder....well, then, what the FUCK are there troops still doing in Japan, Germany, Bosnia...did everybody FORGET about them, huh??
All right, I'm done with that political stuff for now, anyway.
So, how cool, Tiff and Zach put up all the lights on the house over the weekend! And it looks great!They even hung up my lighted 6-foot tall carousel horse, and it's been years since we dug that outta the basement!!
And I've had fun today! I made out a Christmas list (no, not a "holiday list"!) of stuff I want! Really, there's not much I want or need, except gift cards that I can use on the internet after Christmas. So that's mostly what I asked from Victoria's Secret, Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart, all kindsa stuff. Cuz Kev's family is all HUGE on Christmas, they all wanted everyone's lists ready by this weekend to pass around! And I actually did put some real presents on there too, cuz everybody wants real stuff to wrap up (or, put in a gift bag). So there's books, sweaters, a jacket, that kinda stuff. So, I made out a list of stuff I don't want, that I'll put on here tomorrow!
Tiff started at a new job today, it's a hair salon in town that's been here a while, and I know the woman that owns it. She's been calling Tiff since Tiff graduated & got her license, but Tiff always told her no, but thanks. Then she called Tiff Saturday, asked her again, & Tiff jumped on it! She's getting tired of working 60+ hours a week...only because they won't hire a couple (or, 3 or 4!!) more stylists! So, Tiff & someone else quit Saturday...which leaves, mmm, ' bout 2...including the manager!
Last nights football game REALLY sucked ass!! I was really hoping Pittsburgh Steelers would win, cuz Ben Roethlisberger was back after weeks off for his knee and knee surgery. But, nooooooo, the Colts were running roughshod over the top of 'em!! I almost waws ready to go to bed afterwards, and cry myself to sleep. But I didn't...My cousin that lives in Findlay knows him & his family...Ben's sister watched their house while they were away, even!! Sheesh...EVerybody except me knows someone famous! EVERYbody!! Okay, y'all can stop feeling bad for me now ;-D , I knew you were, after all.
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Monday, November 28, 2005


I have absolutely NO idea what to write about IS a Monday, ya know?
Here are a couple of cool pictures...the first is a catbird (photoshop)...second is a real picture of the Ugliest Dog In The World that actually won that prize a few years in a row (I guess California [of course] has that contest. Anyway, I feel bad today, cuz this dog died a few days ago. Even though it was really old (I think 17?), still, would you like your lasting legacy to be 'The Ugliest Person In The World'? Hmmmm...something to ponder...
Okay...XBox360 was released last week. I really think Microsoft has looked like a monkey fucking a football with this 'release', as they call it. Here in Ohio, the Wal-Marts got, like, 20 of them! Best Buy down by Columbus had 40 of them! (woohoo). Benji went to a Best Buy down by Coumbus, He got there at about 2 am, and had to stand outside in the rain, sleet, snow, etc...until Best Buy opened at 8 am! Cuz he tried to wait in the car for a while, but, he saw a lot of people driving by checking out how long the line was, so he decided to go up and stand in line. There was one guy up way ahead of him in line that got sick of standing there waiting, and said he was gonna leave, but he'd sell his place in the line to anybody for $50.00...and somebody took it! Benji said if he'dve had cash on him, he'dve bought it, cuz the people up that far in line could get the XBox Deluxe (?) which included the hard drive, but if you were farther back, you had to buy the wireless controller, the hard drive, etc! Kevin couldn't do the standing in line thing, because of his back, and everything...+ he did have to show up at his job the next day at 9:45 am. But Benji works from home, for the most part (when he's not traveling to California, NYC, etc...). Kevin looked everywhere online to see if he could find one anywhere the next day, but, you know the only place that had them was...eBay! And the price was $1,000.00 + shipping!! Yeah...the price at a store was supposed to be, ummmm, $400.00! But, Benji had to pay a lot more. You know, the controller, the hard drive etc. Holy Crap! Microsoft, of all companies, should fucking know that they're only screwing their hardcore players that looked forward to this for months, not the little kids, whose mommy & daddy buy it for them for Christmas. In my opinion, they may have created a whole lot of Play Station fans. But, like I said..MY opinion. I know Kev loves the XBox, he'll buy it as soon as he can...but will EVERYBODY??
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

other old shit...(Kim & I, of course)

Okay, Shannon, I apologize profusely for stealing this, but I just HAD to!! It's just TOO cute!!

The first picture up there on the left is the sign on the wall in my old house I grew up in. When Kim & I got to be around 14 or 15, we just took over the attic (yes, the 3rd floor where Kim peed out the damn window!). There were tons of rooms & closets up there, but no bathroom, ya know? ;-) There's a ghost story coming soon about the attic, but this is about us! So pay attention!

No, Kim & I painted 2 signs that said "Party" on them, & hung them on the wall going into that room...and when my family & Kevin's mom went over there in 2003, the signs were still hanging there!! That totally freaked me out! I said something to the wife about how long ago we'd made them, and she said she was gonna take them down a long time ago, but it just seemed wrong, and they didn't want to go!! Holy crap!

We used that room for when we had people over for 'parties'...yeah...14 & 15 year olds' parties: nothing but Coca-Cola & pizzas...yawn...then when we got older & better at lying (!), we used to go out running around after dark, cuz, of course, nothing exciting ever happened during the day. We went past one of those big lighted signs in front of a carryout, and swooped our hands over the great big plastic letters on it. They all came out at the end of the sign (well, okay, I lied again...only 1 fell out...but you could see the lightbulbs over our heads going on.). Then we waited til there were no cars coming, and we just 'swooped' our hands across the letters again, and picked them up & ran home! And when we got back to my house, we thundered up the stairs, and into our room in the attic, and spread all the letters out on the floor, and figured out what we could spell with them, also to be hung on the walls! We figured out we could spell 'Ladies Night' and we hung that across one of the walls. Cuz, of course, the song was HUGE back then! (late 70's?). Around that time, we actually got a taste for beer...mostly cuz it was totally cheap. I remember one time Kim had this brilliant idea, & had somebody buy us a six-pack...of Bavarian beer, cuz it was the cheapest ($1.59 for a six-pack! You'dve thought we figured out WHY it was so cheap, huh?). Well, suffice it to say, we did figure out why it was cheap! We took the beer across town with us, and found some convenient bushes to hide in & drink it. And after about 1/2 of one, I got pukey-feeling (Kim hadn't even opened one yet!), so we decided to throw the one I had away, then we carried the other ones under our coats, back to my house. We went in the back door, and up the back stairs straight to my room on the second floor, then hurried up and shoved the rest of the unopened 6-pk in the bottom drawer of my desk because it had a lock on it! And, believe it or not, the shit was STILL there 10 years later! If I'd been smart, I'dve wrapped it up like a Christmas present & gave it to Kim that year!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Dr Stone....

I really want the kitten at the top! And, as for the picture at the bottom...well, truthfully, where's the jest in that??
As far as funny pets go...I REALLY wish I would've gotten off my lazy ass last night when Tiff & her current boyfriend, Zach were here last night (Zach's, like, the polar opposite of Ricky! Put it this way...ANY parent would pick him for their daughter!! They were together for about a year in high school, yadayada...). Anyway, they were here with the dog! he got a few months ago, really for her, but he keeps it at his college dorm room when he's up there, brings it home to his parents when he's here for the weekends. It's a white with brown spots Papillon, and I even like it! And, odder still, Truman likes her!! (her name's Jenga...Zach named her).Truman, I think, thought that Tiffany brought home a toy for him to play with!! Every time she came over to the corner of my LaZBoy, and put her paws up on the corner to be petted and wagged her short little fluffy tail, Truman would come over and smack it around!! And she would get down and run back to Tiffany to be babied! HA!!
So, yeah, I went to Cleveland Thursday and saw Dr Stone. Yeah, I still have ms , but my strength is still really good. However, some of the worst parts of my ms are my balance and my tremors. I did ask Dr Stone if they had ever tried l-dopa for ms people. She said she didn't think that would work for me, because my tremors are all from my cerebellum, which l-dopa is more for Parkinson's, which is very different. Mine totally affects my hands, voice, swallowing, and now she said it sounds like it's starting to affect my hearing too, according to what Kevin said. Of course, Kevin said my short-term memory is bad too, but I told her I think it's his short-term memory. As in, he THINKS he's told me something, but I KNOW he didn't, dammit!! Did I mention that I LOVE this Dr?? She asked last time "how much do you smoke?" I pointed at Kev, and said "less than HIM!!" and she laughed and let that question go. She's even called me at home a couple times! And I can NOT believe that, NO doctors ever call you at home, unless you're dying! oops, maybe she was giving me a hint? So, anyway...I said the very worst symptom I had was my 'lack of' balance. She propped her chin on her hand for a second, then said the only thing she's heard of for that is DBS. NO!!!! DBS, let me enlighten you. It's where they give you anesthetic, you're asleep, they drill a hole in your skull down to your brain. Then they wake you up while the hole is open, so they can stick a wire directly into your brain (you can't feel that, you don't have pain centers in the part they put the wire in), then you move your hand so that they can see which part they've got, if it's in the right place, yadayada, etc. Then they put you back to sleep to close up your skull. The long name is deep brain stimulation. Dr Stone said there's one dr up there that she respects that does that, so I said "you don't respect any others? That's scary..." So, now that I've bored everybody to sleep...wake the fuck up!!! Yup...bored myself to sleep too, gotta go find something to eat!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

when we were 16...

Driving...okay, you thought Kim & I were little shits when we were walking...then we got our driver's licenses! Good thing they didn't let you have 'em til we were 16 at that time!! But, my mom swears, to this day, that I took to driving "like a duck to water"! And, actually, she was very right on that....I passed my driving test the first time I took it, in 1981, (my birthday's in December). I'd had to take the driving class in the summer of 1980, and that in itself was hilarious, because one of the girls in the class drove herself to the school every day, and after class went out & got in her car & drove home! Tiffany was one of the last to be able to take her class at school, cuz the schools stopped doing that, because of insurance! Kim was livid, cuz her daughter had to go to a driving school for classes! (didn't do much good for A, she's had at least 2 wrecks [bad ones, with charges filed against her!]) But Tiff was like me....also took to it 'like a duck to water'! Actually, Kevin wanted to do all the driving stuff with her, because he said "You got to see her first steps...I get to see her first driving!!" Okay, good point. So she passed the test the first time, too. And I knew she would.
But, anyway, back to me & Kim. Or, 'Kim & I'. It was always a really funny thing for me to put the brakes on (kinda hard), while Kim had her can of pop up to her mouth, taking a drink, and say, "Everybody bow!" I ruined SO many of her shirts! Then there was the time that Kim was driving down to the corner at the end of my street in her parents' blue Hornet, I was in the front passenger seat, and she turned right at the corner. At that time, of course, seat belts were optional (NOBODY wore them til it was law!). And, of course, the car doors weren't shut right, and my damn door flew open! I came real close to flying out the side! Man, did I bitch her out! (even though I was the one who had shut the door!). And, of course, Kim was the one that was famous for never covering her mouth & nose when she sneezed (aahh-CHOO!! snot-rockets straight out on the windshield!) and then she would never wipe it off if it was her parents' car before she took it home! Gross!! The absolute ONLY time I ever had a scratch on my car, was when the dumpster rolled over and hit US!! And, try explaining THAT to your mom! (the dumpster hit ME, I didn't hit IT!!) Well, there was also the time that I was by myself, on the 'wrong side' of town anyway, (according to Mom & Dad), and I was driving my car home (the V8 Comet). I was coming over the railroad tracks, and my muffler fell off! Wouldn't have been a problem if the back or the whole thing fell off. Nahhh, I'm Libby, remember? The FRONT of my muffler dropped off, and I was ON the railroad tracks! I couldn't go forward at all, cuz the muffler was hanging, and it caught on the rail every time I tried to go forward. Tried to go backward too, and by then, it wouldn't do that either. And this was the one set of tracks in town that had another set running parallel, about 10 feet behind it! So there was a pizza shop between the tracks, and there were a bunch of guys working in there, and I ran in & told them what happened, and they dropped what they were doing (ah-hah! a blonde damsel in distress!!), and came running out to (brilliant guys!) lift my car & get it over the tracks! But, keep in mind...this was a really solid 1972 Comet, 8-cylinder car...nobody short of 4 Andre the Giant's could lift it! Of course, 4 big solidly built high-school guys had absolutely NO LUCK! So they were, of course, embarrassed and pissed, & cussed my car out and turned around and stomped back in the pizza place, saying "We've got work to do!". One of the guys did shrug his shoulders sheepishly, and say "Sorry", but that was it!! Then I had to call my trusty (if crabby!) Dad, and he actually hit the phones right away & called whoever was in charge of the trains! and told them they absolutely HAD to reroute the next train coming through, so he had time to get a tow truck to get the car off the tracks! And he did it! Got the tow truck there, and got my car off the tracks, and in to be fixed the next day! OMG, he was awesome, cuz this was 10:30 pm! I did pay for it, emotionally, not monetarily, by hearing about the whole 'debacle' until I was 18! (and then I got pregnant & had to get married, so he had something new!).
All right...I had an appointment with my ms dr at the Cleveland Clinic Thursday afternoon, (3 hours away!), and Dr Stone (a woman dr, who knows SO much more than ANY other dr I've seen in the last 11 years for this...way better than Ohio State!). Anyway, that's my next post...this afternoon is the Ohio State/Michigan football game, so I'll be watchin'!!
BoUnCeS!!! GO OSU!! KICK SOME ASS!! BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Okay...I command everybody laugh!!

This story is rather sad now...
A few years ago, there was something big happening in this town. A little 9 year old girl was taken from her bed and found murdered a few days later, out beside a road in the country, wrapped up in a sleeping bag, that had initials on it. The guy whose initials those were, was a close friend of the parents, had been for a long time. The little girl even called him 'Uncle ----'. Unfortunately, a big part of his 'relationship' with both parents was drugs. So he was tracked down by his relationship with the parents, and his initials. There was a trial, and he was convicted of killing the little girl. And, still, to this day, I have a hard time believing it. He's never had any kind of violence in his background, never had ANYTHING to do with kids, the only things on his record is things to do with drugs, I think it's all pot-related. Yeah, I know that's not 'just pot', according to the powers-that-be, but still. Well, after he'd been convicted, and sent to prison for the rest of his life (he's only a couple years older than me), it was rumored around that the little girl was taken & murdered by the parents' drug dealers, (which is NOT the guy sitting in prison!) because they owed a LOT of money. But, I've really never heard any more about it...and it's actually been about 10 years, I think? This whole thing upsets me because, well, I remember him from when I was about 15. He was actually a good friend of my then 18-year old boyfriend, and he was always at his apartment with us all...drinking and getting high. For heaven's sake, I used to sit on the couch and pass a joint from him to me, to the person on my other side! I still to this day, do not believe he did it! And everybody here KNOWS that I don't give criminals the benefit of the doubt!

Monday, November 14, 2005

kim n me...forever ago...

Damn, I don't believe this shit!! I didn't go to bed last night til 3 am and I got up at 9 am this morning, and I've aleady got 3 loads of laundry done, took a shower, etc, made the bed, of course (remember, that's my obsession! I can't do ANYTHING if that's not done!), scooped poop outta Truman's box, got my summer clothes ready to go upstairs, shit! I think my work here is done for the week!!
Anyway, I was remembering some more of the shit that Kim & I did. I'm sure that most of everything I put on here that we did was when we were 15, before we could drive...
We met up with one of the guys who was at the 'tent party' a few weeks later, and decided to go out & ride around town with him. Oh, and of couse, he was over 18, so he could buy beer! Of course also, that was only 'low beer', only, I forget how much less the alcohol content in it was. Back in those days, in Ohio, at least, you could buy 'low beer' at 18, real beer at, I think, 19...I could be, he bought beer, we went riding around town, met up with his & our friends, and, since Kim & I had already told Mom we'd be staying with Kris, it got to be, like, 2 or 3 am. I asked Randy to run us over to Kris's house. Obviously, it was late enough that the whole family was asleep, so we were shit outta luck! Randy said it'd be okay, he had an idea. He drove us down to a place, well, it was in our town, but we hadn't been down that way much. He parked the car in a parking lot, and we all got out and locked it. Then we walked down to where there were a lot of big old houses, until he pointed at one, and said 'That's it.' Turns out, his sister had been renting an apartment in that house, and she had moved out the day before. (I bet ya know what's comin', right?). We climbed the stairs outside up to the apartment (Randy too!), and somehow he got the damn kitchen window open, and we climbed in! Now, how ILLEGAL could that be? But, remember, we WERE only 15, and all...but, we just laid down on the living room floor and fell asleep. As soon as it started to get light outside, we woke up & woke Randy up "We hafta get out of here!!". And we got up, and Randy dropped us off a few blocks from my house, so we had to walk & talk, & get our stories straight on why we were coming home so early. We were such lying little shits!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Friday, November 11, 2005

something different...

Okay. I've pretty much kept my political rants quiet, but it's really burnin' my ass, what I'm seeing & hearing around the news, tv, blogs, everywhere, so I'm finally gonna let loose, and say what I think...
First of all, a neat website...

Well...I'm not a "warmonger", I don't like us being in a war any more than other people do. But, let me say, it honestly was NOT America's choice to do this, was it? I've heard it said that the reason for all the increasing terrorism in the world is because we're in Iraq. Hmmmm. So THAT'S why the world trade center was attacked on 9/11/01, huh. I always wondered. Even though the war didn't start til 2003, I guess the terrorists must've read our minds, huh. And I do NOT think there's any question that Saddam was all for the 'jihadists' having training camps in his country. Yes, a lot of it was in Afghanistan, and we did take care of that area first. And, yes, democracy IS hard for ANY country to build. But think of this...the last time Afghanistan had a free vote was, like, oh, 5000 years ago. So...does anyone think that part of the war should not have been taken care of? Yep, cuz that's where we thought Osama was...we didn't find him...but, maybe that opened some eyes to how BAD things were in that part of the world. And, this is a bunch of BULLSHIT when people say "Bush lied! There were no 'WMD' there!" Holy shit!! If this war was wrong, then why did 100 congresspeople vote for it?? They ALL saw the very same information that the president did! The wimpy UN voted for this to be done too. Even though Saddam had broken 12 previous resolutions. Took them long enough, didn't it? Here's something I wrote a long time ago, before there were blogs...
What the hell is up with our so-called allies?? France has absolutely refused to back up the resolution (1441)…as have Russia, Germany, China, etc! Okay…well, France, if we would’ve done the same to you some decades ago, you wouldn’t be sitting around at your fancy cafes, drinking champagne, & eating your truffles. You’d be drinking beer, and eating wienerschnitzel…and, oh yeah, don’t forget…you’d be speaking GERMAN too!! You were kind enough to give us the Statue of Liberty long ago, which had an inscription on it saying “Give us your tired, your hungry, etc…” Well…even though we’ve been attacked since then, we’ve tightened our borders up, but we still live by that! We have a smart president who sees a threat across the world, and wants to take care of it right now, for not only our safety, but also the safety of the world! Well, France, let me ask your so-called leader Jacques Chirac…if you had a chance to take Hitler out so many years ago…wouldn’t you have? Or, well, maybe not. But you would have come to the USA for help, wouldn’t you?

Okay...that was written in about 2003, but it's still true.
And as for the 'Islamic extremists', being terrorists, and America being the 'bad guys' to all Muslims? Well...which country opened its pockets wide to the Muslim county of Indonesia after the terrible tsunami after Christmas last year? And who was right there helping the Muslim country of Pakistan after that HUGE earthquake, with money, people, supplies? Uh-huh. America the Beautiful. And that was after an awful summer of hurricanes that took out thousands of people's homes, lives, pets, everything! In our own country. And, so, who did the 'jihadists' kill the other day (which was, if you write the date in the European way, 9/11/05!)? They did at least 3 suicide bombs, to kill Muslims in Amman, Jordan. Hmmmm....who did the killing of the Muslims? Not the Americans, unless they happen to be part of 'Al Qaeda in Iraq'. Sure, it was American hotels. But, at least one of the homicide bombers made it a fuckin' point to go into a hall where a Muslim wedding is going on, and sit in the middle of the family, so he could kill the largest number of Muslims that he could! The bride's father and the groom's father were killed. Can you even imagine what it would be like to not go on your honeymoon because your dad & your future step-dad were killed at your wedding and you had to go to their funerals instead?? That's not a real common occurance here, is it? Maybe that's because of tiny little things like The Patriot Act, and the other laws our country has enacted, did anyone think of THAT SHIT?? It's not the same world it was back in the 1950's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's...AND it's not the President's fault! The economy goes up & down, if you look back you'll see it. And I would really be interested if ANYONE could tell me how we could have actually avoided war on terrorists. Do you actually think they would have sat down at a table and just talked with us? How stupid would that have been to expect? Someone who already blew up the World Trade Center....twice! And then blew up embassies in Kenya & Tanzania? And then, well, that didn't scare 'em off, let's try flying their airplanes into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the Capital building, or the White House! Yeah, that's it! And in the process, they succeeded in killing about 3,000 people...and we're supposed to...GIVE THEM A CHANCE, AND TALK?? God help America...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Thursday, November 10, 2005


First of all, I have some 'randomness' I need to get off my brain.
If you owned a company that manufactured and sold an absolutely legal product, do you think that the public is right to expect & demand that you run advertisements telling you how to quit using it? I don't care if you like or hate tobacco companies, that is over the top!! And, as a side question...what in the hell would the United States do for money if everybody all of a sudden stopped buying cigarettes? Just think about how much money is paid to the governments in taxes! I guess I'm not sure if all the money goes to states or federal, but, whichever. All the states are broke now, all that would do is make them lose more money. Do people really want that??
All right, I feel a little better. (not much...but...a little).
One of the very first times that Kim and I decided to test the freedoms that we figured we could get away with, was when we were 15, and really tired of all the "No, no, no, you're too young" bullshit! *Side note to all parents...* always say "aren't you a little OLD to act like this?"
We used the excuse that we began to use forever after it worked that first time..."We're gonna stay overnight with Kris" (or Denise. or Lisa. or Sue. or oh, anybody, as long as they'd 'run interference' for us if my mom called...which she never did). Kris & Denise & Kim & I were invited by some guys at school to go to a big 'tent party' one Friday night, with tons of beer & cigarettes, and everything you never, ever, ever want your 15 yr olds to think about...and, yeah...older guys, too! Even some seniors in high school! Woohoo! ( carried away). So Kim was staying overnight in town with me (she and her family moved right outside town early in the 9th grade), and we asked my mom or dad if one of them would take us over to Kris's to stay overnight. They just said that's ok, you can stay there, but you can walk. (it WAS only about 9 or 10 blocks...nothin'). When we got to Kris's, she told us that Denise got in trouble and couldn't stay with her, and when Kris had gotten off the phone with her, she was so pissed that she threw her shoe at one of her little sisters & hit her, so she was grounded, and couldn't go either! Kim and I just looked at each other, said "well, that sucks. Bye" And we took off walking towards the west end (past the famous game room!). By then it was dark, and, of course there were guys driving by & honking (great ego boost for 2 stupid-ass 15 yr olds). One car pulled up beside us, and the guys said they were headed to that party too, they were bringing the keg of beer, it was in the trunk (it was, we could see it). We hopped in with 'em, and took off down the street, behind the park (I think). It was louder and more people were there than we'd ever seen at a party! There were tents set up all over the place...actually, I kinda think it was like a big field or something. Then one of the guys we got the ride there with put big plastic cups of beer in our hands, and, well, that was the end of our 'not drinking' life!! We ended up staying there all night in a big tent with the guys that brought us (no, get your minds out of the gutter! We were virgins!), and I don't remember a lot of the next day, except that Kim & I walked home, probly 4 or 5 miles, into town, and then across town. And I have a feeling that we both walked up to bushes every so often and puked, although I don't remember for sure..
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

stormy Tuesday....

Had to do this! Okay....the picture on the top is next door to my old house, it is always thought of with good memories. When my mom & dad moved in next door with me, Helen & Lorene thought I was like a Christmas present for them, too, after all, I was only 2 when we moved there. So, here's 2 widowed friends living in the downstairs part of the house, and their third friend lived in the upstairs half...and, well I had never heard of the term 'elegant' at that age, but the whole house was, inside & out! I was close to all, but Helen used to take me Christmas shopping for my mom & dad & 2 brothers every year starting when I was about 5 or 6....and we'd always finish up with going to McDonald's by the mall, and I had a whole Big Mac! (was a big deal then...look at what you thought was heaven at 5 or 6!) Oh, and remember...Big Macs came in a big styrofoam box, and everything! Then we'd go home, and I'd stay at Helen's and wrap all the presents...and I used to hide them in Helen's house, so nobody'd find them! ...unfortunately, sometimes I hid them TOO well...
The other two pictures I took last week at the cemetary when Kim & I went out last week. I'm really glad I took the picture of the burning bush (is that what it is?), cuz Kevin told me yesterday that they have them all around the Verizon building he works at, and by yesterday...there were no leaves left on them! And the other picture is obviously in the cemetary. It's of that gravestone with the great big ball on top (the Merchants' memorial), surrounded by a circle of bowling ball sized ones. I wanted that picture because the ball is a big mystery to everyone (I even bought a little paperback book from eBay once [yes, for a penny + shipping], and it was a collection of short scary stories, and it had a whole story about it! even told what town, what graveyard, on the east end of it. Anyway, the ball turns slowly. You can even see the dark part of the ball that used to be on the bottom. We always used to go out to the cemetary at night when I was in high school, and look at it, try to see it moving. We always gave up on that, it was much more fun to just hide behind big gravestones, and jump out & scare each other! Anyway, I just thought it was cool...another Kim & Libby story tomorrow (I know, you're all waiting with bated breath...).
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Saturday, November 05, 2005


Comparison...2003- the man that bought it from Mom & Dad had this house & loved it as much as I did. This is the year we all got to go over & go through the house again...I even have a picture of me and the owner shaking hands.
And 2005- the man died of old age in 2004 (was in his late 80's)...and I SO hope he sees what the people are doing to it now...and comes back & HAUNTS THEM forever! I have a feeling he will...every time I talked to him, he sounded SO MUCH like me! (his POOR, poor wife...).

OK, OK, I promise (kinda) I won't rant about this any more! Also, I really meant no disrespect to the angels on the porch. They just don't belong there!! Are ya with me??

' I just happened to think of something today. You know the saying, "Good things come in small packages."? I have the strong feeling that phrase was originally coined by a 'quite underendowed' man! Can I get a "Hallelujah" again??

Damn, I'm such a smartass! I guess because I haven't done a DAMN thing all day!! Well, okay, I'm outta bed (since 10 am), took a shower (I know, Kimmy, you were beginning to smell me, right?), and read one of the books I got from Amazon last week. It was really good, but quite short. It's "The Colorado Kid", and it's in the 'Hard Case' series of mysteries, a bunch of mysteries written by different authors, and this was by....Stephen King!! I looked everywhere in the book for something that said it was that Stephen King, but there was nothing. But after I had gotten about halfway through it,'s him, nobody else writes like that! Plus, it's even set on an island off of Maine. So anyway, I just have one of the books I got last week left to read..."Because He Could". And I'm not going any further.

And Tiffany was pretty happy when she came home from work, she got $60 in tips, between 10 & 5 she gets paid an hourly she gets commission on all the products she sells! And the biggest & best thing? SHE LOVES THIS JOB!! Honestly, there's no better feeling in the world!! Especially when you can say it about your current chosen job, and MEAN it!

Okay, I guess I'm done...for now...

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Friday, November 04, 2005

ooga booga, green teeth!

Kim came over this morning around 10:30 am, to pick me up so we could, like, at least go look at the trees. So she banged on the front door, and, at the same time, we each yelled the same thing we used to say to each other in the morning when we were 13 and she stayed overnight..."Ooga Booga, Green Teeth!!" The difference here, is of course, that we're now 40, for heaven's sake! Oh, and also the fact that...I was in the house, and she was outside!! But, that's okay...but, well, I think Tiff was surprised to be woken up like that! haha!! Now we don't embarrass our moms...we embarrass our daughters!!
So, of course, after we went all the way through the cemetery (she pushed me in my wheelchair...yuk!), and I took tons of pictures of all the trees, we went back past my old house (you know, the one Kim peed out of the third floor window?) I took a picture up the side of the house as we were driving through the driveway (which goes from a major street in the back of the house to the major street in front) But if you look right below the point on the roof, well, that's where it was! That house is about 8 blocks from our house here. Which, by the way, is the house in the other picture. I LOVE the dark blue shutters and stuff. Kevin painted our front door dark blue a couple years ago, and since then I've been nagging for the rest!
But...I'm SO disappointed in the way the house looks now, since the man that used to live there died, and the house was auctioned! Kim told me a few weeks ago that she grew up across the street from the woman who bought the house, and "she doesn't deserve to live there!!". Kim's mom has been a realtor here since, well, since forever, and she found out who it was. No, but seriously, that house looks like shit now!! Not only is the beautiful yellow paint peeling off, the backyard was paved over, and it looks like a damn parking lot! And it isn't being used as an office or store! It's a freakin' house!! And there were workers there putting up a solid wood fence around the 'former' backyard, and there were 2 great big ugly stone statues on the porch, and a fucking gas grill back by the bushes out front! In front of the house, on a main street!! Shit!! That house has been there since the late 1800's, and it's never looked worse!! Kim swears she's gonna write a letter to the owners, but, she better not. I'll just wait and, after I die, I'll go back there & haunt them!! And if they're gone, or the house is gone, well...I'll look them up & haunt them in their new house! All I know is, I'm not going past it again! Not on purpose, anyway...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

news stuff... anyone but me ready to puke the next time they hear the phrase "the CIA leak"? Yeah, I know it is important news, but, most people in America don't give as much of a shit about it as any media thinks they should. In my opinion, I honestly don't think Lewis 'Scooter' Libby (no relation, haha!) is the end of everything, nor do I think he should be. I don't think this goes to the president's level, but I do think that VP Cheney had something to do with this shit. Whether he should step down isn't up to me, so I'm stopping here on it. I did hear that Valerie P wasn't in the Secret Service anymore by that time, however, her name should never have been revealed, no matter what! If I knew that might happen to me, I'll be damned if I'd EVER want to do that job!! How safe is that for her family??
By the way...I just got Dick Morris' latest book, 'Condi vs. Hillary'....I'm halfway through it, and, man, does he make some excellent points! The only thing I have a problem with, is voters that are like my dad. I love him, but, everyone knows that no matter how much of a Republican he may be, he IS 87 years old, and an Archie Bunker!! He would just, well, not vote for anyone if it were a choice between a Democrat (any one of them!), and a black woman Republican, sad as it is to say. I think there are many more voters that feel like him than anyone knows! Mostly because nobody would EVER admit to feeling that way, but I DO think it's much more widespread than a lot of people think. Trust me, my mom's gonna vote for Hillary, she's the biggest 'Hillary fan' I know, but thank God....there's Kevin, me, & Tiffany to wipe out THAT vote!! (haha)
Speaking of Tiff, she won the most tastefully least dressed in the costume contest at the party Sat. nite! She was a 'hula girl', with the two coconuts sewn to a bra, a full-butt bikini bottom, and a grass skirt. And she had ordered 8 dozen leis online...she wore about 5 or 6 of them, and gave the rest out to people at the party cuz there were close to 200 people there! And in the middle of the dance where everyone was competing for the awards at the end, she whipped off her grass skirt and threw it out in the crowd! How cool of her!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


...didn't know for sure what I was gonna put on here today, but, DUHHHH, trick-or-treating was last night from 5:30 -7:30. Kevin didn't get off work til 7, so he asked his brother Ken to come over, in case I needed help with >make sure she doesn't fall down, or anything. [After all, she is crippled, ya know?] No, shit, EVERYBODY knows he didn't mean that. But.....that's exactly what it feels like to me! But, that's okay...part of life (now!). But, Ken & I had fun...until we freakin' ran out of candy at 6:15!! I mean, think about this...that means we had at least 200 kids here in the first 45 minutes!! So, we hurried inside, and turned off the porch light. Then Ken went over to his mom's to see if she had any extra candy. Which, of course, she always has everything for anybody (yeah...she's that kind...the kind everybody can count on!). Ken came back, and we were back out on the porch with the lights on at 6:30, with 3 bags of monster money (chocolate coins with krispies). And ALL OF IT was gone by 6:50! And, no, we weren't the ones that ate it, either! We gave up for good that time, even though it wasn't over til 7:30! Then we were just sitting here talking, and I told him the story I read in one of the newspaper sites yesterday. About a woman in, I think, Massachusetts, that killed herself and nobody knew it for 3 or 4 days. Why? Well, she hung herself from a tree outside her house, and people drove by constantly, and thought she was a Halloween decoration!! Oooooky! But I did tell Ken that if I EVER decided to kill myself, that'd have to be the way! So now that moves to the first choice instead of jumping off the highest building I can find! Okay, now that's second! Ken was also telling me about a religious retreat he & Jill went to, and they each had a name tag, and there were a bunch of 'scrapbooky tools' around. They were each supposed to decorate their own tags, which were white and rectangular. So Ken cut his in the shape of a ghost, used a paper-punch to put holes in was 'A Holey Ghost'!...and of course he won.

I just heard an alarming tv commercial! "80% of Americans have hemmorhoids." Holy CRAP!! Oh, maybe that was the wrong choice of words? Anyway....I think I know 100 people, and, well, that's not a real appealing picture, now, is it? So let's drop that 'bout the commercials that say, about weight-loss plans 'If I can do it, anyone can!' 'bout "I've seen the people on these commercials before. & if THEY can do it, well, I KNOW anyone can!"

Okay, done...laundry time! BoUnCeS!! LibbY!