Wednesday, November 02, 2005

news stuff... anyone but me ready to puke the next time they hear the phrase "the CIA leak"? Yeah, I know it is important news, but, most people in America don't give as much of a shit about it as any media thinks they should. In my opinion, I honestly don't think Lewis 'Scooter' Libby (no relation, haha!) is the end of everything, nor do I think he should be. I don't think this goes to the president's level, but I do think that VP Cheney had something to do with this shit. Whether he should step down isn't up to me, so I'm stopping here on it. I did hear that Valerie P wasn't in the Secret Service anymore by that time, however, her name should never have been revealed, no matter what! If I knew that might happen to me, I'll be damned if I'd EVER want to do that job!! How safe is that for her family??
By the way...I just got Dick Morris' latest book, 'Condi vs. Hillary'....I'm halfway through it, and, man, does he make some excellent points! The only thing I have a problem with, is voters that are like my dad. I love him, but, everyone knows that no matter how much of a Republican he may be, he IS 87 years old, and an Archie Bunker!! He would just, well, not vote for anyone if it were a choice between a Democrat (any one of them!), and a black woman Republican, sad as it is to say. I think there are many more voters that feel like him than anyone knows! Mostly because nobody would EVER admit to feeling that way, but I DO think it's much more widespread than a lot of people think. Trust me, my mom's gonna vote for Hillary, she's the biggest 'Hillary fan' I know, but thank God....there's Kevin, me, & Tiffany to wipe out THAT vote!! (haha)
Speaking of Tiff, she won the most tastefully least dressed in the costume contest at the party Sat. nite! She was a 'hula girl', with the two coconuts sewn to a bra, a full-butt bikini bottom, and a grass skirt. And she had ordered 8 dozen leis online...she wore about 5 or 6 of them, and gave the rest out to people at the party cuz there were close to 200 people there! And in the middle of the dance where everyone was competing for the awards at the end, she whipped off her grass skirt and threw it out in the crowd! How cool of her!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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