Monday, November 14, 2005

kim n me...forever ago...

Damn, I don't believe this shit!! I didn't go to bed last night til 3 am and I got up at 9 am this morning, and I've aleady got 3 loads of laundry done, took a shower, etc, made the bed, of course (remember, that's my obsession! I can't do ANYTHING if that's not done!), scooped poop outta Truman's box, got my summer clothes ready to go upstairs, shit! I think my work here is done for the week!!
Anyway, I was remembering some more of the shit that Kim & I did. I'm sure that most of everything I put on here that we did was when we were 15, before we could drive...
We met up with one of the guys who was at the 'tent party' a few weeks later, and decided to go out & ride around town with him. Oh, and of couse, he was over 18, so he could buy beer! Of course also, that was only 'low beer', only, I forget how much less the alcohol content in it was. Back in those days, in Ohio, at least, you could buy 'low beer' at 18, real beer at, I think, 19...I could be, he bought beer, we went riding around town, met up with his & our friends, and, since Kim & I had already told Mom we'd be staying with Kris, it got to be, like, 2 or 3 am. I asked Randy to run us over to Kris's house. Obviously, it was late enough that the whole family was asleep, so we were shit outta luck! Randy said it'd be okay, he had an idea. He drove us down to a place, well, it was in our town, but we hadn't been down that way much. He parked the car in a parking lot, and we all got out and locked it. Then we walked down to where there were a lot of big old houses, until he pointed at one, and said 'That's it.' Turns out, his sister had been renting an apartment in that house, and she had moved out the day before. (I bet ya know what's comin', right?). We climbed the stairs outside up to the apartment (Randy too!), and somehow he got the damn kitchen window open, and we climbed in! Now, how ILLEGAL could that be? But, remember, we WERE only 15, and all...but, we just laid down on the living room floor and fell asleep. As soon as it started to get light outside, we woke up & woke Randy up "We hafta get out of here!!". And we got up, and Randy dropped us off a few blocks from my house, so we had to walk & talk, & get our stories straight on why we were coming home so early. We were such lying little shits!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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