Tuesday, November 29, 2005

thinking about everything today...

Okay...I hafta start out with some politics, ya know?
First thing is...everybody's screaming to bring the troops in Iraq home. Kinda leads me to wonder....well, then, what the FUCK are there troops still doing in Japan, Germany, Bosnia...did everybody FORGET about them, huh??
All right, I'm done with that political stuff for now, anyway.
So, how cool, Tiff and Zach put up all the lights on the house over the weekend! And it looks great!They even hung up my lighted 6-foot tall carousel horse, and it's been years since we dug that outta the basement!!
And I've had fun today! I made out a Christmas list (no, not a "holiday list"!) of stuff I want! Really, there's not much I want or need, except gift cards that I can use on the internet after Christmas. So that's mostly what I asked for...cards from Victoria's Secret, Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart, all kindsa stuff. Cuz Kev's family is all HUGE on Christmas, they all wanted everyone's lists ready by this weekend to pass around! And I actually did put some real presents on there too, cuz everybody wants real stuff to wrap up (or, put in a gift bag). So there's books, sweaters, a jacket, that kinda stuff. So, I made out a list of stuff I don't want, that I'll put on here tomorrow!
Tiff started at a new job today, it's a hair salon in town that's been here a while, and I know the woman that owns it. She's been calling Tiff since Tiff graduated & got her license, but Tiff always told her no, but thanks. Then she called Tiff Saturday, asked her again, & Tiff jumped on it! She's getting tired of working 60+ hours a week...only because they won't hire a couple (or, 3 or 4!!) more stylists! So, Tiff & someone else quit Saturday...which leaves, mmm, ' bout 2...including the manager!
Last nights football game REALLY sucked ass!! I was really hoping Pittsburgh Steelers would win, cuz Ben Roethlisberger was back after weeks off for his knee and knee surgery. But, nooooooo, the Colts were running roughshod over the top of 'em!! I almost waws ready to go to bed afterwards, and cry myself to sleep. But I didn't...My cousin that lives in Findlay knows him & his family...Ben's sister watched their house while they were away, even!! Sheesh...EVerybody except me knows someone famous! EVERYbody!! Okay, y'all can stop feeling bad for me now ;-D , I knew you were, after all.
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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