Monday, November 21, 2005

Dr Stone....

I really want the kitten at the top! And, as for the picture at the bottom...well, truthfully, where's the jest in that??
As far as funny pets go...I REALLY wish I would've gotten off my lazy ass last night when Tiff & her current boyfriend, Zach were here last night (Zach's, like, the polar opposite of Ricky! Put it this way...ANY parent would pick him for their daughter!! They were together for about a year in high school, yadayada...). Anyway, they were here with the dog! he got a few months ago, really for her, but he keeps it at his college dorm room when he's up there, brings it home to his parents when he's here for the weekends. It's a white with brown spots Papillon, and I even like it! And, odder still, Truman likes her!! (her name's Jenga...Zach named her).Truman, I think, thought that Tiffany brought home a toy for him to play with!! Every time she came over to the corner of my LaZBoy, and put her paws up on the corner to be petted and wagged her short little fluffy tail, Truman would come over and smack it around!! And she would get down and run back to Tiffany to be babied! HA!!
So, yeah, I went to Cleveland Thursday and saw Dr Stone. Yeah, I still have ms , but my strength is still really good. However, some of the worst parts of my ms are my balance and my tremors. I did ask Dr Stone if they had ever tried l-dopa for ms people. She said she didn't think that would work for me, because my tremors are all from my cerebellum, which l-dopa is more for Parkinson's, which is very different. Mine totally affects my hands, voice, swallowing, and now she said it sounds like it's starting to affect my hearing too, according to what Kevin said. Of course, Kevin said my short-term memory is bad too, but I told her I think it's his short-term memory. As in, he THINKS he's told me something, but I KNOW he didn't, dammit!! Did I mention that I LOVE this Dr?? She asked last time "how much do you smoke?" I pointed at Kev, and said "less than HIM!!" and she laughed and let that question go. She's even called me at home a couple times! And I can NOT believe that, NO doctors ever call you at home, unless you're dying! oops, maybe she was giving me a hint? So, anyway...I said the very worst symptom I had was my 'lack of' balance. She propped her chin on her hand for a second, then said the only thing she's heard of for that is DBS. NO!!!! DBS, let me enlighten you. It's where they give you anesthetic, you're asleep, they drill a hole in your skull down to your brain. Then they wake you up while the hole is open, so they can stick a wire directly into your brain (you can't feel that, you don't have pain centers in the part they put the wire in), then you move your hand so that they can see which part they've got, if it's in the right place, yadayada, etc. Then they put you back to sleep to close up your skull. The long name is deep brain stimulation. Dr Stone said there's one dr up there that she respects that does that, so I said "you don't respect any others? That's scary..." So, now that I've bored everybody to sleep...wake the fuck up!!! Yup...bored myself to sleep too, gotta go find something to eat!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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