Thursday, November 10, 2005


First of all, I have some 'randomness' I need to get off my brain.
If you owned a company that manufactured and sold an absolutely legal product, do you think that the public is right to expect & demand that you run advertisements telling you how to quit using it? I don't care if you like or hate tobacco companies, that is over the top!! And, as a side question...what in the hell would the United States do for money if everybody all of a sudden stopped buying cigarettes? Just think about how much money is paid to the governments in taxes! I guess I'm not sure if all the money goes to states or federal, but, whichever. All the states are broke now, all that would do is make them lose more money. Do people really want that??
All right, I feel a little better. (not much...but...a little).
One of the very first times that Kim and I decided to test the freedoms that we figured we could get away with, was when we were 15, and really tired of all the "No, no, no, you're too young" bullshit! *Side note to all parents...* always say "aren't you a little OLD to act like this?"
We used the excuse that we began to use forever after it worked that first time..."We're gonna stay overnight with Kris" (or Denise. or Lisa. or Sue. or oh, anybody, as long as they'd 'run interference' for us if my mom called...which she never did). Kris & Denise & Kim & I were invited by some guys at school to go to a big 'tent party' one Friday night, with tons of beer & cigarettes, and everything you never, ever, ever want your 15 yr olds to think about...and, yeah...older guys, too! Even some seniors in high school! Woohoo! ( carried away). So Kim was staying overnight in town with me (she and her family moved right outside town early in the 9th grade), and we asked my mom or dad if one of them would take us over to Kris's to stay overnight. They just said that's ok, you can stay there, but you can walk. (it WAS only about 9 or 10 blocks...nothin'). When we got to Kris's, she told us that Denise got in trouble and couldn't stay with her, and when Kris had gotten off the phone with her, she was so pissed that she threw her shoe at one of her little sisters & hit her, so she was grounded, and couldn't go either! Kim and I just looked at each other, said "well, that sucks. Bye" And we took off walking towards the west end (past the famous game room!). By then it was dark, and, of course there were guys driving by & honking (great ego boost for 2 stupid-ass 15 yr olds). One car pulled up beside us, and the guys said they were headed to that party too, they were bringing the keg of beer, it was in the trunk (it was, we could see it). We hopped in with 'em, and took off down the street, behind the park (I think). It was louder and more people were there than we'd ever seen at a party! There were tents set up all over the place...actually, I kinda think it was like a big field or something. Then one of the guys we got the ride there with put big plastic cups of beer in our hands, and, well, that was the end of our 'not drinking' life!! We ended up staying there all night in a big tent with the guys that brought us (no, get your minds out of the gutter! We were virgins!), and I don't remember a lot of the next day, except that Kim & I walked home, probly 4 or 5 miles, into town, and then across town. And I have a feeling that we both walked up to bushes every so often and puked, although I don't remember for sure..
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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