Tuesday, November 01, 2005


...didn't know for sure what I was gonna put on here today, but, DUHHHH, trick-or-treating was last night from 5:30 -7:30. Kevin didn't get off work til 7, so he asked his brother Ken to come over, in case I needed help with anything....read >make sure she doesn't fall down, or anything. [After all, she is crippled, ya know?] No, shit, EVERYBODY knows he didn't mean that. But.....that's exactly what it feels like to me! But, that's okay...part of life (now!). But, Ken & I had fun...until we freakin' ran out of candy at 6:15!! I mean, think about this...that means we had at least 200 kids here in the first 45 minutes!! So, we hurried inside, and turned off the porch light. Then Ken went over to his mom's to see if she had any extra candy. Which, of course, she always has everything for anybody (yeah...she's that kind...the kind everybody can count on!). Ken came back, and we were back out on the porch with the lights on at 6:30, with 3 bags of monster money (chocolate coins with krispies). And ALL OF IT was gone by 6:50! And, no, we weren't the ones that ate it, either! We gave up for good that time, even though it wasn't over til 7:30! Then we were just sitting here talking, and I told him the story I read in one of the newspaper sites yesterday. About a woman in, I think, Massachusetts, that killed herself and nobody knew it for 3 or 4 days. Why? Well, she hung herself from a tree outside her house, and people drove by constantly, and thought she was a Halloween decoration!! Oooooky! But I did tell Ken that if I EVER decided to kill myself, that'd have to be the way! So now that moves to the first choice instead of jumping off the highest building I can find! Okay, now that's second! Ken was also telling me about a religious retreat he & Jill went to, and they each had a name tag, and there were a bunch of 'scrapbooky tools' around. They were each supposed to decorate their own tags, which were white and rectangular. So Ken cut his in the shape of a ghost, used a paper-punch to put holes in it...it was 'A Holey Ghost'!...and of course he won.

I just heard an alarming tv commercial! "80% of Americans have hemmorhoids." Holy CRAP!! Oh, maybe that was the wrong choice of words? Anyway....I think I know 100 people, and, well, that's not a real appealing picture, now, is it? So let's drop that subject...how 'bout the commercials that say, about weight-loss plans 'If I can do it, anyone can!'...how 'bout "I've seen the people on these commercials before. & if THEY can do it, well, I KNOW anyone can!"

Okay, done...laundry time! BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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