Thursday, October 27, 2005


This is a current picture of my house I grew up in on the right (in 2003)...on the left is the birthday present Kev's brother Ken gave me a few years ago for my birthday (which is a week before Christmas!)

So, that's it with my pictures from my old house. Not that I don't have tons, but this blog's not for that. The only important one I didn't put on here was the one of the sign Kim & I made & painted in 1980, for my 'party room' on the third floor. We hung it on the wall then, and when we all went back in 2003, IT WAS STILL HANGING UP THERE!! They said that, somehow, it seemed to WANT to stay there! Now, THAT, in itself, is rather spooky!
So I tried to post yesterday, but, 'blogger wouldn't let me'! Grrrrrrrrrrr!!
It was about how the whole 'zero tolerance rule' for elementary schools, well, I think all it is is a blanket rule for teachers to not have to make their own decisions!! Because that might be too hard for them to make the judgement call! But the story I read about a while ago...about the 11 year old that was taken away in handcuffs for drawing a picture of a gun!! No shit!! Holy crap! Next thing you know, kids won't be allowed to play tag, because the person that's "it" feels discriminated against...oh, wait, I guess some schools have already gone there, haven't they? This whole thing about making boys more 'sensitive' is going to make for some piss-poor, wimpy-ass men!! Sheesh!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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