Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Okay....gotta start out with a coupla stupid 'jokes'.

The only problem with doing nothing is that you never know when you're finished.

The definition of a 'moderate jihadist'?
One who ran out of ammunition...

All right...Mary, this is for you, at your request!
A few Halloweens ago, when Tiff was 16, she had a job at Kay-Bee Toy Store, and, I think Toy Story 1 had just come out. All the little kids around wanted Halloween costumes from Toy Story, and Tiff must've got carried away with it, or something, and she decided to be Jesse that year. Which is so different from what we've always done!! (as you know!). So she knew that by then, I wasn't able to walk around with her (bummer! this is the best time to!), so she said she'd stay home with me until her friends got off work that evening (you know, so she could go out & get candy with them too!). I always sit on the front porch steps to hand out candy, and she was standing on the top step beside me, helping, because there's usually 150 - 200 kids every year. So, later that evening, when the 'steady stream of' kids had slowed down a little, a little boy was running around across the street, dressed like the little cowboy star of that movie. All of a sudden, Tiffany stood up and yelled, "Hey! I need a Woody!" I just sat there looking at her back in shock...(haha...if she hadn't said it, I would've!), and then she turned around to me and clapped her hands over her mouth, and said "Did I REALLY just yell that??" But I think I'd already rolled down into the bushes laughing!! That was GREAT!! I always use that line to her when I want to (somewhat) embarass her. But, unfortunately, she's like me...un-embarassable!! Unfortunately for me, fortunately for her! Because embarassment for a teen girl is almost unavoidable! Unless you're one of the perfect, pretty, popular girls, that is. Which I was NOT, but Tiffany is!! By the way, Kev's sister Kat was here today, and we were talking about stuff, and she told me that Tiff's always complaining about her "cankles". Then we both just sat here & died laughing, cuz we both know that she has legs any woman would kill for! (as you know, cankles=calves+ankles! from 'Shallow Hal'...good movie!).
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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