Saturday, October 22, 2005

All kindsa stuff!

Well, I WAS gonna put a Halloween-type picture on here, but...blogger won't let me!! So I'll put it on later...
I'm thinking a LOT today...first thing is - I'm gonna be the most pissed-off person in the world if they actually start selling RU486 (abortion pill) off the shelf at the local drugstore...but we still have to go to the pharmacist & ask for a fuckin box of Sudafed, because they have to keep that shit behind the counter!! Are ya with me??
Anyway...had to just yell about that first...I'm listening to a lot of songs we have on Windows media player (we're up to 7,035 songs downloaded on here!), and yesterday I got one of my favorites from the early 90's...I'm Too Sexy, by Right Said Fred!! And I'm playing some Styx, cuz, well...just cuz! So I was listening to Tom Sawyer, and that made me think about my 10th grade year in high school (my very WORST!). We had a big stereo system in the cafeteria that was always on QFM96, Columbus rock station, and that song was on every day when I was at lunch! One of the girls at my school when I was in 8th grade loved Styx, too, and she had the biggest crush on Geddy Lee. So, a few years ago when Tiffany was in high school, she said something about a guy in her class named Geddy, and she thought that was a dumb name. I just looked at her, and said "Is his mom's name Regina??" and Tiff said yeah. Holy shit!! Wow. I'm still floored by that...
I'm jumping around here, but this story is just too freakin' funny NOT to tell! After I had gotten my job,(at 20), and they scheduled me a vacation the next summer, I had no clue what to do on it, didn't have a lot of money (still don't, come to think of it...), and a one and a half year old little girl. But I did have one friend who had never gotten married...Kim HAD gotten married, but I hated her husband since they started going out in high school, but I can get along with him by now..but..beside the point. So my single friend Kelly and I made plans to go up to Port Clinton for a week, and I left Tiff with my mom for the week. That was some of the most fun I'd had in forever!! We went swimming, played pool, even got to go skinny dipping in Lake Erie with a cute guy I picked up in a bar...I made Kel go with us, cuz neither one of us wanted to be anywhere alone. So, we're all in the lake, naked, and I pointed across the lake to a thing with a bunch of lights on it, and said "What's that, Kevin?" (d'oh! another Kevin!) He said that's just Davis-Bessie. After a minute of thought, I realized Davis-Bessie was a nuclear power plant!! I think we left right then!! A couple days later, Kel & I went to Cedar Point, and that was the BEST, cuz from home, it's 2 & a half hrs...from our motel it was maybe 10-15 minutes!! That evening when we were getting dressed in our 'clubbing clothes', she told me that when she was in high school, she was at lunch with her friends, and they were all laughing at something. She was eating a Hostess cherry pie, and they all started laughing at something, and she said she kinda choked, but not too bad. Then she went to the bathroom, blew her nose, and A FUCKIN' CHERRY CAME OUT!! I can hardly type this now, 20 yrs later, without falling off my chair laughing!!

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