Tuesday, October 25, 2005

more old stuff...

These are some of the (hundreds!) of pictures I took when I went through this house again in 2003, 2 days short of 20 years from the day I moved out!!

Damn!! I'm trying to get a picture on here that I took of the outside of this house that day, too...but for some reason blogger won't let me...yet. So anyway, this is the stained glass window on the landing between the first & second floors, and the other is the height marks my mom made for me on her closet door, and they didn't paint over them, said they were part of the history of the house!
My grandma's house (again)...no pictures...just good memories...out in Grandma's barn, which had 2 floors in it, it was enormous...and scary...shhhh, don't tell anybody I said that! The top floor was the haymow, and the bottom was for the few cows, sheep, pigs, etc. They never had a bunch of animals on the farm, mostly, the farm was corn, wheat, etc. And sometimes when I stayed there overnight, Grandma had me gather the eggs from the chicken coop (at 5 am!)...although, for a 6 year old kid, those things can be awful aggressive. And if they don't stand up & say "Here you go, little girl!", I was supposed to reach my hand under them, and take the egg! How intimidating was that for a puny little 'city girl'? At least Grandma milked the cows, and never tried to teach me that!!
Once, my uncle (Mom's little brother) got a huge, thick rope and tied it up to one of the rafters at the top of the barn. Then my cousins & I just had to climb the ladder up to the haymow, grab the rope, and swing!! And when you swung on it, you'd go out the barn door. Man, was that a lot of fun!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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