Monday, October 24, 2005


You will not believe this...this is the house I grew up in! This picture was in the newspaper a few years ago! Lived there from 1966 to 1983! I'm not exactly sure when this picture was taken, but the guy all the way on the right lived there with his mom & dad, the best I can figure out, it's around 1921 (the picture!), and the guy on the right was our 29th president's secretary! The president's house is right behind this one. I learned how to ride a two-wheel bike in the parking lot of his house, which by then was a tourist attraction! So, I know you're all wondering...the window Kim peed outta is on the third floor on the right side!!
And (off the subject), when I was that age (3-17?), we always went to my Grandma's (Mom's mom) every Sunday, after we had the big Sunday dinner that Mom made. It was about an hour away, out in the country. And I always had a lot of fun up there! Mostly because my cousins were always there, too. My cousin Lori, who is about 2 years younger than me, lived right around the corner of Grandma's road, but I could never call her to have her come over, cuz her phone number was a long distance extension from Grandma's, even though there was only, like, an acre of land between the properties! And long distance phone calls were expensive in the early 70's!
My cousins & I were always doing stuff to get in trouble up there, though. In the winter we went sledding down the hill behind the house. And in the summer, we always played "War" (I had older boy cousins, too), and we always used any sticks that were shaped like guns to shoot each other (would never be allowed to happen now, huh?), and one Christmas I got, from my Mom & Dad, a leather holster that held two cap guns!! So...I was known as the 'spoiled brat' after that! Once, we were playing in the summer, and found a Radio Flyer blue wagon in the barn. We decided to all pile in it and ride down the big hill of Grandma's road. We got halfway down, and my aunt (Mom's sister) came out the door, and yelled, 'There's 100 acres back there to play in, and you can get out of the road and play in it!!' And, once when Lori & I were mad at K ( a boy cousin...he's about 3 years older than me), we walked all over Grandma's yard backwards (it was winter), so our footprints looked like we were going the opposite way! He told me a couple years ago, that he was watching us & laughing, the whole time!! Jerkwad!! (haha, if you're reading this, I truly didn't mean it!). Okay, done.
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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