Thursday, October 06, 2005

first birthday of the 'birthday season' is it starts!!

This is the pumpkin I want on my front porch this year...of course, I need a person who can carve a pumpkin...anybody wanna volunteer?? Of course, Tiff's a VERY good artist, so I'm sure she'd be glad to..but...I'm her MOM! Moms don't ask their children to do that, do they?? O' course, she IS 22!!
On another subject...she is really good friends with a guy & his wife that own a tattoo parlor here in town. A few days after she broke up with Ricky, she went over to their house in the evening, came home around 1 am, said 'hey, I got another tattoo! Look!' I did, & it's gorgeous & bright colors! It's all kinds of flowers, on the top of her right foot. Cuz she already has one on top of her left foot, a frog, in memory of one of her good friends that committed suicide (she loved frogs!), and a butterfly whose wings are leopardskin on the small of her back (you know...commonly known as 'a tramp stamp'! Kev was afraid it was gonna be of Ricky's name, but, HELL NO! She's way too smart for that, & for him.
We had a great party for her here Sunday night, it was Kev's whole family wasn't invited, only because my mom & dad won't drive after dark (my dad should never drive anyway, he's like, blind in one eye...Mom's 82, Dad's 87). But, Tiffany's, like, always been their favorite. And she still goes to their house and stays overnight when they ask her to, and she goes over at least once a week to clean for Mom. But, get Mom FORGOT Tiff's birthday this year! That has NEVER happened before! She only found out about it because she was shopping at Kroger's and Tiff's friend works there, and mentioned it! After that, Mom called work, and told her she was sorry yesterday, and she & my dad took Tiff to lunch at Applebee's, and Mom gave Tiff what she had asked for, the dvd set of the first season of 'Laguna Beach'. We gave her an MP3 player, and it'll hold about 2000 songs! And Uncle Ken, Kev's brother gave her a convertorr for her car! But still...
Okay, maybe that's petty. But, we can't help it. Someday I'll write about the whole family's 'relationship' with my side of the family...
I really wanted to write about how much more fun birthdays for Tiff used to be...(not to mention cheaper!). For her, like 7th birthday, I bought a shit ton of mini pumpkins, and Kevin and I wrote a number on each one, and put a birthday party prize in a bag with a 'coordinating number' on it, and had those all done the day before, and then Kevin & I went out in the backyard and hid all the pumpkins while Tiff was asleep. The next day, of her party, about 20+ kids showed up, and we had the cake & ice cream, and did all the regular party games. Then we got them all out on the deck out back, and told them what the next game was. They all took off out in the yard to find the pumpkins, and Kev had the camcorder & was taping, the girl that Tiff had had a fight with a couple years before, found a pumpkin and screamed "I FOUND one!!". Kev focused the camcorder on her as she was running to the deck. She started to run up the steps, and all of a sudden she disappears and you just hear a thud/oof (she tripped on the top step). She was/is okay. And we still have the TAPE!! (heehee! blackmail?)
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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