Friday, September 30, 2005


Okay...had to do this!! She has always been so f*n CUTE!! Even in her first picture at the hospital!! She was the absolute only cute baby in the nursery!! (yes, smartasses, there WERE other babies in there too!). The other picture is of her standing in front of my favorite, favorite car I actually bought by myself, when I was 24 (yeah, I was spoiled!). A 1983 Mazda RX-7! I always had wanted that particular car, cuz it originally belonged to the guy that lived in the downstairs half of the house I rented for me & Tiff when she was 2. (the upstairs apartment, for $160.00 a month, for a big 2 bedroom apartment!). I saw him outside every week, washing it, fixing it, he took really good care of it. So, actually, in the summer of 1989 (Bryan Adams...'summer of '89', is how I always sing it!), I started looking for a new car, to replace my YUGO!! (quit laughing, dammit!!). So, I went to a car lot, and saw Henry's car! Went home, knocked on his door, and demanded to know WTF was he doing selling it to a dealer?? Turns out he'd traded it in for a brand new RX-7, he was sorry, didn't know I was wanting a Tiff & I went back and bought it. She was real excited, loved it, said "Mommy, it's only got 2 seats!" And I told her "that's all we need, right? It's just me & you!!". She thought that was the BEST!! (so did I...). So, what did I do? Started going out with Kevin in October, on her 6th birthday 1989, then Kev & I got married in Feb, 1990! And, ya know what? She still, to this day, reminds me that I had promised that it was gonna be just 'her & me'! Then I have to remind her how miserable she'd be without Kevin to be her daddy, and she just says "yeah, i know...but STILL!" We took that car everywhere that summer! Went to the zoo in Columbus, went up to Cedar Point, to lighthouses on Lake Erie, to Port Clinton, to Sea World up by Cleveland...all of which she remembers perfectly! From when it started pouring rain & thundering & lightning so hard while we were watching a Shamu show and she was scared & crying, until a few nuns that were sitting a row in front of us turned around to talk to her & calmed her down...and coloring with 'Sister Bear' at Cedar Point all day...well, I guess that's not all that odd, seeing as how she remembers when she was like, 2, and I had her at the mall & she started throwing a fit cuz we were leaving, so I laid down on the floor beside her, and started doing exactly what she was doing, crying, kicking my heels on the floor, saying 'I don't WANNA go!!' etc...she got up immediately, grabbed my hand, saying 'C'mon, Mommy! let's go!' HAHAHA!! Never had a problem with the ol' 'fit monster' again!
Okay...I really wasn't planning on doing all that, but...she IS gonna be 22 Sunday, ya know?
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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