Wednesday, September 28, 2005

i'm thinking today...y'all are in TROUBLE!

I'm just kinda wondering. Doesn't everybody think that the citizens today (especially of the United States!) are SO much smarter than people were, oh, say, in the 1940's or 50's? Then why, in the name of all that's holy, do companies HAVE to print the types of warnings on their products that they do? I was looking at my deodorant bottle last night, and I noticed that it had a big warning about 'keep out of reach of children' on it. That's cool, even though any kind of responsible parent wouldn't need to be told that. However, what really bothers me is that they have to put on there that 'this product only to be used under the arms', 'if eaten, call the poison control center immediately'. Etcetera. OMG!! It's kind of like the warnings that we always laughed at about the iron shouldn't be used on clothes that were worn at the time. Or, on a hairdryer that you 'do not use in the bathtub'! My God! How did the nation that considers itself so smart & advanced get to be so fucking stupid?? Maybe (horrors!) we're just lazy and so book-smart that we've lost all common sense? Because, trust me, our grandparents are rolling in their graves at how we can't seem to figure out the simplest things for ourselves! All they had was the 'keep out of reach of children' on the medicine bottle, and they probably thought that was stupid and unnecessary! 'What? Who wouldn't?'. Now everything you buy is in a stinkin' childproof thing, and has warnings all over it. And now they've had to quit selling Sudafeds off the shelf. You have to ask the pharmacist for a box! Why? Because...the kids have been smart enough to figure out how to make their own drugs out of it! Huh. How did they get smart enough to do that? When we've protected them from everything? Everything from you have to wear a motorcycle helmet (that's really a good one....not only for the rider, but for the car driver, who may see a windshield full of motorcyclist-brains...a basket for your eggs, in other words.)....but then to 'you have to wear a seatbelt', then 'your kids have to be in a carseat', then 'no bike riding without a helmet', then 'no tag, or any games that may have a loser', 'you have to play games without keeping score, so nobody has hurt feelings'. My God! Yes, some of the ideas have been good and saved some lives. BUT.....does anybody besides me remember the days when you could go on vacation across the country with your parents, stretched out in the backseat, reading, sleeping, whatever you wanted! Or riding a bike without a helmet...when you were careful not just because your mom told you to be careful, but also because it would be stupid not to be! And all the other stuff we didn't do, not only because it would've been stupid, but also because you knew that if you did something stupid, you'd get a well-deserved smack on the ass for it! And that was something you could depend on! I don't know, maybe we raised our daughter wrong...but, she's a smart, well-adjusted adult now! And, oh, by the way...she'll be 22 this Sunday!! And I'll have to make sure I keep the tradition going...I always call her on her cell phn at 11:35 am, and say, "Hey Tiff! It's Mommie!! xx years ago RIGHT NOW, I was in the absolute WORST pain I EVER felt in my life, and it was all for YOU!!" I started that when she was, like, 15 or 16...and now it's 'tradition, ya know!'
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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