Saturday, September 24, 2005

coming soon..

Okay...I had to put my 'baby' on here first...the second picture is Truman studying my bellybutton ring, to figure out how he could get it out. And I think I should put the other picture on the 'kitty-porn' website! And, somehow, I wanna hook a mini camera to his head & see what he sees all day. I'll put it on a website called "pussy-cam"! Bet I'll get tons of hits!!

Okay, now I need to get to the important stuff...I can just see what the mainstream media is gonna say next week. "Texas got fixed so fast only because the president lives there and it's all rich people, as opposed to the poor people that all died in New Orleans. The rat bastard!" Cuz that's the first thought I had when they did stuff the right way in Texas, it doesn't make any difference to them that the local government works the way the constitution says it should in Texas...

Enough of that...the wedding's off......not getting into it, but Tiff did the right thing by breaking everything off...I'm very proud of her...

Well, I just heard a commercial on tv (on FOX news channel, of course!) for Cherry Valley Lodge, and it said something about dine "al fresco" on the patio, and, of course, all I could think of was "dine commando on the patio"!! HA!! Would that 'whet your appettite'? Well, if it wasn't fat guys...

Got a book back from Benji yesterday that I had let him borrow a while ago, and I'm already on page 375 of it! I recommend it SO MUCH!! It's Stephen King's book of short stories, called "Everything's Eventual"! And the stories are so good, it's all I can do to put the book down to write in here! I was already in the middle of rereading one of my Robin Cook books (medical mysteries...he's a doctor!), and Benji brought that back (which I've already read too,'s kinda like an old friend you haven't seen for a year!), so I just put that one down...I'll get back to it later. And Benji & Kevin painted our shutters on the house dark blue, to match the front door and the scallopy trim on the front Friday, and that is just what this house needed! They went to Lowe's to find new shutters, but they didn't have dark blue...all they had was "country blue, dark red, dark they just got paint, and that worked!

Well, I just realized that I still have a gift certificate for about 30 songs on msm music, and I want the album 'Wango Tango' by Ted Nugent! Kim and I always used to ride around with that song & Terminus Eldorado playing super-loud in my car!!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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