Saturday, September 10, 2005

stuff on my mind i need to write about...

Friday night...and here I sit...being totally pissed off! Not at anyone, mind you, just at my situation...this weekend is the 25th anniversary of our local festival in town, where they close the whole downtown, & have (sometimes) good national, well-known bands. Like, the year that Kevin & I finally got together & went out (1989), I had finally gotten the guts together to ask Kev to meet me & a bunch of friends at the main concert stage, cuz Gloria Estefan was gonna be there that year. So he had said he might, he had to be up there to pick up his new motorcycle seat, and if it wasn't too crowded, he would. So, did he show up? Uhhhh....hell no!! I was bitching all night at the beer gardens to my friends that 'he stood me up!! how DARE he??' ;-) Then when we all went walking up the main street, I ran into his mom (I knew her, she worked at the bank I went to, right down the street from my apartment, and I liked her a lot...and from the time Tiff was, like, 2, she gave Tiff a sucker every time we walked in there! & now she's Grandma!), anyway, we talked for a minute, she said, 'I thought Kevin was coming up.' I said 'I thought so too!' Well, I learned MY lesson...NEVER take the suggestions in the Cosmo magazine! (the ones in the 80's, anyway!). They always said you shouldn't ask a guy on your first date to meet you by yourself, you should always make it a 'group thing'. Hmmmff...see what a good suggestion THAT was! But, he said he was sorry when I saw him Monday at work, he just wasn't 'in a real sociable mood that night'. Of course, you know me...'sucker' is stamped on my forehead in bright red ink...then I asked him to come over to my apartment a couple weeks later for Tiff's 6th birthday party, and he actually did come!!...and, well, after that, it worked. God! To see it written out like that, well, I can't believe I didn't scare him off!!
Anyway, that was a long road to nowhere wasn't it?
I remember the first festival our town had, and Kim and I were 15...and we were more excited about that than anything...nothing this big had EVER happened in this town, nothing! So she came into town and stayed with me Fri & Sat night. My mom & dad's house, where I lived with them, was kinda close (well, only about 6 or 8 blocks, which was nothin' to us!) to the downtown area where the rides, food, everything was! When she called me the other day, we were talking about how excited & stupid we'd been those nights! Of course, Mom & Dad trusted me completely, so we walked out the front door, and said we'd be back by midnight, we promise! We walked downtown, and looked at everything that was up, and just...walked around, looking. Like I said, nothing like this had ever been done here before! Kim reminded me of when we walked down a skinny, dark alley, and there was a bum (we think now) hanging out down there. I was smoking, and he asked me if he could have a puff of my cigarette...stupid me, (I was basically the 'happy idiot', ya know...). I said, "Sure", and started to walk over to him with my hand stretched out with the cigarette, and Kim's like, "Libby!!". That stopped me. Kim never sounded like's honestly not like she was always the 'voice of reason', or anything. So, I backed up into Kim, and we did our first run for safety! The first of many, might I add...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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