Thursday, September 15, 2005

rants continued from 5:30 this am

...okay...if you just now started reading these 'rants', go down and read what I started on the last one. Because I had written SO MUCH more, and that was the only part that published! Grrrrrr!! I was SO pissed!! And this is really the wrong week to piss me off! # 1...I just got off of 15 days of steroids, which tends to make ANYBODY a little 'aggressive' shall we say. And # 2...this is PMS week!! Which also tends to make most women a little 'aggressive', too! Arrrgghhh!
So, I'll try to remember my rants from overnight.
...the ACLU is so anti-American it's not even funny! They're supposed to be there for the people who are truly disadvantaged, yet, who are they there for? Yup. Anywhere they can make trouble for anyone! They're kinda like Jesse Jackson...anywhere there's a camera, he'll knock the truly disadvantaged down to get in front of it! Which probably embarasses the hell out of the people they claim to represent! They're so worried about the fact that anybody in America wants to do stuff for what religion they want to be. Hence, the disappearance of people in stores that used to smile at you at Christmastime and say 'Merry Christmas!' Now it's all 'Happy Holidays!'. I'd love to see someone go to the American Civil Liberties Union and complain about the fact that they're not allowed to display a cross on their lawn. What exactly would they say? 'No, we're not interested. Sorry!'
...the 9th circuit court of appeals in California. Who wants to remove the 'under God' from the Pledge of Allegiance...! Which, some of the lines say 'one nation, under God, INDIVISIBLE, with liberty and justice for all'. Who doesn't still remember saying that every morning? And did anyone ever feel pressured to be a Christian because of it? Nope. We were just kids, who liked to have something to depend on, that was just a routine that we did, and never thought about it. WE were never 'offended'!
...the Senate hearings for the Supreme Court Justice. Democratic senators (some, anyway...notably Ted Kennedy & Diane Feinstein) would ask him questions and then interrupt him in the middle of the answer he was giving, until the chairman told them to 'let him answer!'. You teach your 5 year old not to interrupt, yet, they see these people do it!
...also, I think he should be approved by the Senate to replace Judge Renquist...and to replace Sandra Day O'Conner? Judge Judy!
...The district attorney of Louisiana is filing a lawsuit against the husband and wife who owned the St Rita's nursing home, because they left the residents there to die (34 people). How long do you think it'll take New Orleans residents to realize that 'Hey! Our mayor didn't bend over backwards and do everything in his power to save US, either!' Yeah. The mayor is already whining about the fact that his city is broke...just wait till these class-action lawsuits come rolling in...
...speaking of was also mentioned that back, I think, in the 70's, that someone said then that the levees needed to be reinforced...but that idea was killed because 'Nooo...that might hurt the wetlands!' But I thought the 'tree-huggers' were supposed to be the sensitive, caring ones...nahh, not for people, anyway! I really doubt that any of them are clamoring for attention now.
...ok...I guess I'm done...for now, anyway...remember, vote for me!! ;-D
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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