Saturday, September 17, 2005

i think i'm almost done bitchin'! (you all say "thank God!)

Okay, I said 'almost', didn't I?? A good friend in South Africa (who is a very strong Christian, and works with the children with aids) emailed me this article last week, so I'll try to link it on here...

That seemed to work...we'll see...I'm not saying you have to agree or just adds to everybody's knowledge, which is ALWAYS a good thing, ya know?

Okay, time for some 'light' stuff...I'm tired of thinking.
Tiff got promoted to assistant manager of the Fiesta salon she's worked at since, maybe March? And, since the former manager quit a couple weeks ago, (she actually walked out, with no notice! coward!), the other Tiffany there got promoted to manager, and she and my Tiff really work well together! The new district manager was in last week, and they got together and 'cleaned house'! There were lots of stylists there that called off a lot, when they were only working like, 8 hrs a week, and they were never coming in to help out when they were asked to. So...gone!! Tiff & the DM even went up to the State Beauty Academy to let them know they had some positions open.
And the DM & Tiff get along really well. When Tiff showed up for work this am at 8, she was squeezing through the door, and the DM made a crack about her being too fat to get through the door (keep in mind, she's 5'4", 115 lbs!) and Tiff made some sort of smartass comment back at her, & the DM was dying laughing! I told Tiff she should've told her about the 'Fat Ladies Club' she goes to every Wed nite, to work out, it's just a bunch of her friends...Tiff loved it last year, because they went out and got hula hoops, and had a contest for who could do it the longest...Tiff won, of course. But I LOVE that she inherited my smartassness!! She was telling me once, a long time ago, about some guys from school running around streaking. I asked her, "Doesn't that hurt, you know, when they're running?' Kev was sittin' there, and he said 'hell, yeah it would!'...and Tiff looked at us and said it sounded like this, and she clapped her hands together a few times! Ouch!! I feel as if I've done something for the hurricane & flood victims! The other day, Jill emailed me, and said that their church was gonna get a truck loaded up with everything, and someone was gonna drive it down to where a family had relocated to. I didn't have the sizes that family needed, but I figure if they'll get them to someone, someone can use them! So, I really can't give money...we have a hard enough time paying our own bills, but I went through all my clothes, and ended up with 4 or 5 bags full! And I had told Mom about it, so...she had a lot of expensive clothes (she shops more than anyone I know!) and she brought over about 3 bags, and a bag of baby & little kids clothes she had gone to WalMart & bought, after I told her about this! Yeah, she's like's her 'thing'. Yeah, I know..."dammit! she's spending my inheritance!!" So, I've done SOMETHING, and I feel better.
Kim had called me a couple weeks ago, and said 'Oh, did I fuck up! You won't believe this shit!' Okay...her daughter, A, 20 yrs old, had went & spent about, probly, $75 on a pair of jeans, that were 'fashionable', you know, holes in them and everything. So, after A was at work or school, Kim ran across them, and thought she would do A a favor & fix them for her...she sewed patches over all the holes!! OMG!! A was SO pissed!! haha!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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