Thursday, September 08, 2005

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Okay...I really have to get this out there...everybody else has, after all! And I really don't give a shit who disagrees...that's what this country is all about, after all...and, wow, have 'we the people' emphasized that lately!
Yeah, again, the hurricane. AND the flood. The fact that the hurricane at all was nobody's fault, it was weather! But I don't hear a lot of bitching about that, as much as many people bitch about the way it was handled afterward. And you know what? I totally agree! But...I honestly don't think you can lay this at Bush's feet totally. Think about this like a business...which, after all, is what a government is, no matter what country you're thinking of. President Bush is like the 'owner' of this business. Then he has people below him, like middle management (which I've been, and, trust me, you don't really want!). That would be the governors of the states...and, worst of all for the 'owner of the company', you don't pick them, the 'masses' choose them for you. Then there's lower management, which would be the mayors, police chiefs, etc, none of which you mostly even know, unless they do something stupendous, and they get the honor of meeting you. And they'll be among the millions of people you'll meet & shake hands with over the years. They'll remember it, but you may not. So, anyway...your middle managers have their own departments to run, but they have the lower managers to run the cities. So when you start throwing blame at somebody, the truly effective way is to work from the 'bottom of the ladder' up. Now people are saying that most of the people that have been through the worst of this mess are the black people...therefore, the president hates black people, or at least doesn't give a shit about them. Well, again, start at the bottom. Where was the Democratic mayor (who is, himself, black)? Why did he not order every bus in the schoolyards loaded up before the flood with people who had no way of their own out? Have you seen the pictures of the hundreds of buses sitting in the schoolyard...with the flood waters up to their roofs? How was the president supposed to know they were there? That would fall under the local manager's (the mayor's) department. Why is nobody accusing him of racism? If you want to go higher, you go to the governor. THEN you scream at the president. Plus, he also has all kinds of departments set up for this type of things. You know...FEMA, which is under the Homeland Security...which, in my opinion, that was President Bush's biggest mistake. Putting a couple of buffoons in those positions! I really wish that Bernie Kerik had been made head of the DHS. There would have been a little bit of hope for this disaster to have been handled better!
Anyway...I need to's getting late (early). Oh, by the way, a congressman from Florida advised the people that were trying to evacuate people from their houses because they're sitting in the middle of two stories of 'toxic cesspool water'. A lot of them refuse to go, even when they're told that it's suicide to stay. He said that the effective way to make your point is to hand the person a big black marker and tell them to write their social security number on their forearm so they can identify them when they have to come back and remove their dead body. He said that has worked amazingly well in Florida. Would put a little bit of a scare into ya, wouldn't it?
TiReD DrOoPy BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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