Thursday, September 01, 2005

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All right...before I answer Pirate's questions, I hafta know...was ANYBODY as big a fan of Ferdinand The Bull as I was when I was little? Actually, I still am. Kevin's dad gave me a hardcover Ferdinand book a few years ago that his dad had given him when he was little! Wow, that was so neat!
OK...number of books I many I could not even begin to count them! A bunch of shelves full down here, that Kev built for me 10 years ago...and I promptly filled them up completely with a lot of my newer hardcover/dustjacket books. And there's also a closet upstairs with all my cheap-o paperbacks I bnought 'in the 80's' when I was single. There's a cool secondhand bookstore in town that I used to take Tiff to all the time, so we could poke around in there...and, yes, I bought her almost as many kids' books as I bought scary paperbacks for me! BTW, the closet upstairs is full floor to ceiling with all my old scary paperbacks, because I refuse to ever get rid of my books! I'd sell my kidney first! (one of 'em, anyway).
last book purchased was 'A Deadly Game' by Catherine Crier, about the Scott Peterson trial. I've always been hooked on that case, because I told Kevin the first night it was in the news & I saw him, that 'he did it, just look at him!' I also have two of the other books, the one by Amber Frey, and the one by his half sister called 'Blood Brother'.
last book completed was actually a Mary Higgins Clark mystery called 'I'll Be Seeing You'. I've become hooked on her books! They're really well-written mysteries And, best of all, I always buy 'em on eBay when somebody's selling one for like, a penny. Yeah, the shipping's lots more,'s worth it!
five books that meant a lot to can I narrow it down to five?? holy crap!! okay, I'll try...gotta put Stephen King's 'The Stand' up there...and 'It'...and 'Christine', cuz that's where I got Tiffany's middle name from (Leigh) that book while I was pregnant with her...and, oh shit! All of his books!! And 'Through The Looking Glass' by Lewis Carroll. It goes along with 'Alice In Wonderland', and it's really good! I haven't actually read it since I was little, but I still remember a couple of the poems from it, like "Jabberwocky". And 'Harriet The Spy'...don't remember who wrote that, but most girls will know it...I remember the poem in that too, about "of shoes and ships and sealing wax, of cabbages and kings. and why the sea is boiling hot and whether pigs have wings". 'The Notebook', by Nicholas Sparks. very sad, made me sob so hard I woke Kev up from 3 rooms away at 4 am! Because Kevin IS Noah! and I always figure I'm gonna be the one to end up like his wife does, oh, if you haven't read it, stop right here! I tell Kevin that 'well, if I end up with Alzheimer's, just think! It'll be like the 80's again! I'll be crawling in bed with a different guy every night!' And then I promptly started laughing and crying at the same time, because I knew how crass & tasteless that was! And 'American Mania: When More Is Not Enough' by Peter Whybrow, MD. That one's neat, it makes you think! Most books I read don't! I always go by what my 6th grade teacher used to say to his classes every day..."Read For Pleasure"! And that's actually what I've always done...not always read to learn stuff, but just to read what's fun for me!
And anyone else that wants tagged, lemme know!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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