Wednesday, September 21, 2005

another hurricane...

This is the very best radio station I've ever been able to find on the internet...I love it!! a Houston/Conroe radio station! It's great to listen to if you have broadband, cable modem, or's all 80's music!!
And, this is the absolute only souvenir I have from New, I was never fortunate enough to get to see the place, which I'll always be sorry for never seeing it, cuz I know it'll never be the same. Kevin won a trip there back in 2002, from work, and the only thing I told him to pick up for me was a real voodoo doll from a real store there! He did good...even though I've never tried it yet, it looks like it MIGHT work!
And, I'm sad about hurricane Rita, heading straight for Galveston! Because that is a place I DID see, in 1981! One of my very best friends & her sister moved with their parents down to Houston the summer after my 8th grade year (1978 or 9, I think...). We wrote letters (no, not email!) all the time, and Mary asked me to come down and stay with her & her sister & mom & dad for a couple weeks in the summer of '81. So, of course, Mom & Dad let me, bought me a plane ticket to go there, And some of our other family friends had moved to San Antonio a few years before that, and they had been bugging Mom & Dad for years to come down. So, somehow they got everything set up so I flew down there, and was there for 2 weeks, and they picked me up and drove me home after they were done with their stuff. Mary & her family had a beach house in Galveston, and we went there for a few days while I was was SO much fun!! We went down to the beach every day, which WAS easy to do...after all, the house was on the frickin' beach, after all! All we had to do was walk down the steps cuz the house was on the beach, on stilts! I've never seen anyplace like that! One day Mary, her sister, & I walked down the beach to a horse place....oh, I guess that'd be a stable, huh? So we got three horses for the afternoon, and took them out riding them down the beach! That was so much fun! I used to have pictures of the three of us on the horses on the beach, but....poof, they've been lost somewhere over the years. But I totally loved that beach in Galveston! I remember there was a thunderstom one of the nights, and the next morning, their dad said, "Come on, guys, let's go out on the lifeboat!" So we all went out and 'launched', and Mary's dad got the paddles out and started rowing us out away from the beach. All of a sudden, we looked at the water we were going through, and it was totally covered with JELLYFISH!! OMG!! I have never seen anything like that!! So then Mary's dad started laughing like he was crazy or something, and he picked one of the paddles up out of the water (Gulf of Mexico), and hit it down on top of the water!! A few times!! Holy CRAP!! I guess that's what happens when 'a guy' sees that he's scaring women, huh? Anyway, we got out of there, and back inside the beach house! And, I swore that I'd never go to the beach again! Yeah, right..anyway, Texas has to have the biggest BUGS I've ever seen in my life!! We ran down to the beach the next day to hide from some the next day! And the first thing we saw on the beach? Yup. Jellyfish. Evaporating in the sun! I never thought they really did that, but it's true! We kept watching one all day, and it got smaller & smaller! We went back to Houston the next day, and that night we went out for dinner with some of the dad's business friends to a really good Mexican restaurant, then they took us to Gilley's, where all 3 of us rode the bull (we took turns, ya perverts!). So, that's all I can think about, hearing about hurricane Rita, that beautiful beach. God bless the people of southeastern Texas...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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