Sunday, September 04, 2005

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RDAs Agenda items for helping the survivors of Katrina
This is a copy of a comment my friend and scholar Reverend Doctor Abigambi suggests needs to be done to move forward in helping the survivors of Katrina in attaining housing. Pirate, just a quick rundown for you to magnify your idea:1. Locate bases that have been mothballed but not deconstructed.2. Determine # of housing units available.3. Determine # of medical staff needed.4. Determine amount of food, personal supplies and medical supplies based upon projected number of occupants.5. Work on logistics for movement of refugees. Look specifically for bases that are near railroads, highways and working airports. Look at cost effective mass relocation.6. Investigate usage of military hospitals for special needs victims, such as infants, elderly, mentally handicapped and critically injured.7. Development registration program for refugees. Need to track new locale as well as assistance provided.8. Use Federal funds to rebuild housing lost to floods. I would prefer to spend on permanent housing rather than cash assistance.9. Use Federal funds to transport refugees back to rebuilt housing.10. Encourage private charities to contribute to refugees while at the military bases.11. My preference would be to use the military bases as transitional housing as opposed to permanent housing.Let's focus less on how much money these people would be allotted and focus on the logisitics of helping these people. Its obvious those in charge aren't able to move the large bureaucratic machine to help anyone. I also would add several people have suggested opening their homes in the immediate to help these people. I am game for that and I think we need to put some pressure on the local churches as well.
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