Friday, June 29, 2007



Yeah, I'm a slacker...but it's been fun, does that count for anything? Well, it's been hot and rainy here for awhile...rainy, I can deal with rain, well, honestly, I could live without all the humidity...
Things here are going really good, though. Yesterday one of my friends from when I worked at GTE came over, and we talked forever! She belongs to that religion, ummm, I don't know what it is, but it's the one that women wear skirts or dresses only, and always wear their hair in a bun...our seats were next to each other out there, and she was always so nice that there's no way anyone would not like her!! So that was in 1996, and the building was 3 floors, with 1000 people working there...I just think how I would never have met her otherwise, and I have other friends from there that we still email. Have you ever thought about where you originally found your friends? Sometimes it's someplace you expect to have friends from, like work, or your kids' friends parents, or school, if you're going...other times you find friends that you totally can't imagine your life without them, where you'd never expect to! Like Mouse, whom I was almost mortal enemies with for about the first 2 weeks we worked together up north (it was jealousy, on both our parts!). After that we became friends, that was 21 years ago, Tif was 2 1/2, Mouse's daughter wasn't even thought of yet. But now we call each other and email a few times a week! Or Chester (a woman) that was a delivery person up there, and we still email a lot...or a great friend of both of ours that died just a few years ago of cervical cancer, which by the way is why I will always keep up with check-ups with my 'nookie-lookie' dr! Not that she didn't, but, I don't know why it had to happen. Especially to her!
Joe was over last night too, and that was great! We just sat here catching up on a lot of shit that's happened over the last 17 or 18 years! And, of course, since I'd become friends with his friends, and he'd become friends with mine, we were, well, gossiping! "Hey, whatever happened to --------?", "blah blah blah blah blah...". "And what about ---------? Did he ever marry that girl he was going with?"
"blah blah blah blah, and they have 4 kids now..."
See how life can get away from you if you're not careful??
And now we have computers that we meet anyone in the world over!! Email friends all over the United States, Australia, South Africa, Spain, London, Gibraltar, oh, everywhere! A few of whom I've even met in person, and they've come here, and some people say, 'you met them over the internet, and you let them come to your house??' Aw, c'mon. It kinda makes a difference if it's somebody you've been writing with for years, and somebody who just pops on, and you don't know them at all...'course, I guess anybody could be anybody on here, I wouldn't KNOW, but, 'years' is different from 'weeks'! And, ya know what? You're all included in the list of friends I'll always remember, even if we haven't met in "meatspace", as Xdell ( x-y) calls it. (That expression makes me laugh every time I think of it!!).
BoUnCeS! to all my buddies!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007 rain...(blind melon, remember them?)

Thanks, Queenie!! This is really nice!! It's a total honor to be nominated for an award from the UK! Especially from a really talented writer like you!!
It's already been a pretty busy week here! I'm almost always too busy doing 'real stuff' instead of on the computer....which is the BEST, of course!!
Was shopping with Mom yesterday most of the day, we had fun. I have to share something kinda (really) smartass my mom said yesterday, so everyone will understand exactly where I inherited this from! She was telling me that someone said "I heard you lost your husband last year.", and all she could think was "Yes, how careless of me!" I'm sorry, but that's funny, no matter who you are!! But, when I got done laughing, I asked her if she really said that. She said, "Oh no! I could NEVER say a thing like that to someone else!" See? I inherited the brain to think of it from her, and the guts to actually say it from my dad...unfortunately, nobody passed on the brains to NOT say the stuff!!...that has to be a 'live & learn' type of thing...trouble is...(that's a Kenny Wayne Shepherd album, by the way)...when you live & DON'T learn!! By the way...if anyone sees the picture of Kenny Wayne Shepherd on that album cover....he could be one of the "Mmmm-Bop" singers grown up!! Hanson, that's it!!
I just heard on the news that it was 92 today! Yuk!! 75 to 80 would be fine, thankyouverymuch!
Kevin's dad took me out to the dr's office today, and I'm actually getting just as good with that scooter as I was driving my little cars!
When we get in the elevator, I back it in, so I don't have to mess around with trying to turn it around in there...and I always back it in the back door up the last 4 feet of ramp, cuz there's absolutely no room to turn it around back there in the laundry room!
If anyone's been keeping up with the news lately...
I feel awful for Jessie Davis's murder here in Ohio, and that of her unborn baby Chloe. May they rest in peace. That murder happened in Stark County, Ohio, where I was born, about 100 miles north of me now. I hope her baby's dad will burn in hell for her murder, especially since he's SUCH a prince that he's also the father of her 2 year old son, who was where when she was killed, and left alone in the house after he 'allegedly' took her body and buried her in a shallow grave. And he's been married to another woman for years, which says right there that he's a coward and a dirtbag with nothing about him to respect!! And that's even if he didn't kill Jessie (which there's almost no doubt that he did!)
I was awake at 3:00 am last night, when Paris Hilton got out of jail. I had the tv on Fox news, but there was live coverage everywhere, showing her walking out of the jail. News? Hardly.
All righty then. I'm out of stuff...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wednesday June 20, 2007

Do you know the pathetic thing about this picture? I would be the person on the left, of course...see why I have SO many friends...

I really would like a bunch of opinions on this thought, okay?
Now there is a middle school in the state of Virginia that has a 'no-touch' policy...students are not allowed to touch each other. At all. No handshaking. No high-fives. No hugs for your best friend when she is crying & upset. Nothing!! Holy hell!! Next, little kids won't be allowed to play tag. Oh...that's already happening. Never mind. Or little elementary age kids won't be able to chase each other on the playground. Oh. never mind. I have to stop here...suffice it to say that, yup, I'm a fan of Fox News, but this story was also on CNN, when I was watching it later! How the HELL did we live when we were kids?? You know, no seatbelt law...parents were allowed to spank our butts when we did the wrong thing, like run into the street...we were allowed to chase each other around with bent sticks (gun shape) and yell "Bang, bang! I got you! Fall down, darn it, I GOT you!!" Teachers were even allowed to 'whack' us with a paddle if we were assholes in middle school, and not get sued. Trust me, this happened when I was in 6th grade in the 70's, when my friend & I threw chicken sandwiches at each other at lunch. I and many others lived through these things. I can just hear the arguments now..."but things are so much WORSE now! school shootings, high divorce rate, children having to be home alone after school!" Hmmmmm....has anyone ever thought that maybe that was the beginning of the cause of this shit? Maybe if parents tried to be PARENTS more than FRIENDS to their kids, it might help? Kids only have one or two parents...they can find & make their own friends!! That isn't the parents' job!! However, I guess that's being taken away from the kids too, seeing as how any kind of 'physical contact' is being taken away from them. Lemme ask all you parents hug your kids regularly? I know many do, but...I'm SURE it's fewer than it used to be. Or do you ever say "I love you!". Or, heaven forbid..."No, you can't" Or "Do your chores & homework before you go out to play!" Why would ANYONE think that our kids are doing better nowadays than they used to???

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day, 2007...

Is this just kinda scary, if you think about 'maybe this is how our fighter pilots are trained??'

...but I absolutely KNOW this is wrong...but, here it is anyway...forgive me Father...

So how was everybody's Father's Day? I hope it was really happy and fun. We had a great celebration today for it...we even got most of the cookout & eating done before the skies opened up and it started raining like pouring piss out of a boot! (that's a guy's quote, ya know?).

Everything's still going really good for Tif & her friend at their house. I hafta admit, though, it is kinda funny to hear Tif say something about 'I can't afford to miss work now', 'it takes a lot of my time to keep the house clean', 'we're almost out of toilet paper, paper towels, etc...', and I heard a new one today...'I wish they'd realize they don't have to use a whole roll every time they're in there...'.No, she's not bitching at all, just joking! I love it! And, yes, everybody's right when they say you'll get along better when your kid doesn't live with you!

I was just thinking again today when I heard a commercial for a show about the #1 movies....the very best one I'd pick is (although I'm not a big 'movie person') The Wizard Of Oz! Everybody's seen that, and probably everyone was, like me, scared to death of the flying monkeys! One of my email friends in Spain even knew the movie, and loves it! I loved when that movie was on Sunday night on the Wonderful World Of Disney movie, and we were up in the country at my Grandma's farm...we'd eat, the grownups would clean up, we cousins would be all excited, and be loud til someone said 'Knock it off, or no movie!'...then we'd settle down and color or something...When the movie started, all 6 or 7 of us kids were sprawled all over the floor, with all adults sitting all prim & proper on the couches or in the dining room. Most of us kids would be asleep when the movie ended, so we each got carried out to our parents' cars, and laid down on the backseat so we'd sleep all the way home. I was the one that lived the farthest away, we were an hour south of the farm. And...I was the 'spoiled brat'...I had no one in the backseat but me, my brothers were grown up & moved out. But seriously...weren't those the 'good old days'? When you could ride home asleep in the backseat, and not have to be in a stupid carseat, or sitting up with your seatbelt on? Wow! I even used to take a bed pillow up there (Mom always made me). No, but there is absolutely no better feeling of security than 'cozying down' in a pillow & blanket in the backseat on the way home, & hearing Mom & Dad talking in the front seat ( they didn't wake up the tired little girl!). I feel bad for kids now that will never, ever be able to have that feeling, don't you?

And, hey, speaking of Mom...she had a second pet scan Wednesday, and Psycho took her out to the hospital to get the results Friday morning, and...they see no cancer in her lung or anywhere else anymore!! How great is that??? They did the biopsy on Mother's Day weekend 2006, we were told the results were 'grim' (of course, that's from Psycho!), and they said 3 to 6 months...and, thank God, it's been way over a year now!!! That's really neat to get good news at a time like this!!
Okay...gotta go~!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thurs June 14

Well, it's Thursday, and I finally am feeling like I'm 'human' again! Like I said, Monday kicked my ass...but it was fun...then Tuesday night, Tif gave me my Avonex shot (for ms...get it in my arm every I was all right with it that night, sometimes it can make me feel like shit, but it was okay that night. But then I didn't wake up til 2 pm the next day, and I had a 'shot hangover' all day til last night. But I came back to life last night around 8...and, of course, was awake all 1 am, I went out in the kitchen and made a big bag of butter flavored microwave popcorn, took it in the bedroom, watched the Nancy Grace show, and I ate the whole entire bag by myself!! My God, what a damn pig! Then I started flipping channels, and found the shows "Good Times", "Cheers", "Blind Date"...holy crap...I suck. But I got up at 11 am today, and it's good.
The kitten in this picture has almost the same exact markings as Spice did! Except Spice was much cuter, because she had a regular face, not one that looked like somebody kicked her in it...
I forgot about when Joe & I were talking about our books & stuff (he reads almost as much as me!). Stephen King was our favorite back when we hung around, so we know what books & stories are each others' favorites. Like we were hooked on 'The Talisman'...he's Wolf, I'm Jacky...which makes no sense unless you've read the book...then something came up in the conversation, that made Joe say I'd probably start going around, unplugging everything, saying the government is invading my brain waves with the electricity. Then he said he knew that was from one of SK's old short stories, but he couldn't remember which one. When he said that, I remembered it a little too, and I sat and thought for a couple minutes, then said, "Oh!! 'Fornit some Fornus'!! "The Ballad Of The Flexible Bullet"!!! Okay...that makes absolutely no sense either, but he knew what I was talking about, he remembered it too then. Oh, shit, that was funny!
OMG! I just went in the kitchen to fix dinner, and it smells awful out there! Why?? Well...gotta be honest fault (well, duhh)...I burnt the first bag of popcorn I made last night, burnt it til it was brown! So...I just dumped it in the trash, after I opened it and saw that. So...I have that wondrous aroma wafting through the house, even though every window is open in here, and the big fan in the attic has been on all day!! Time to go dump some Pine-Sol in a bucket, and let it sit in the kitchen, so it'll smell clean, anyway...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tuesday, already!

Hmmmm...maybe this might be why I don't want to live in Florida??

...and THIS needs no explanation!!

Okay...I can absolutely NOT believe this! I think, no, I know I did more yesterday than I have in the last 6 months put together! I got up at 10 am, took a shower (like always...but, that, in itself, usually wears me out, even though I have a seat & a handheld shower!). Mom came over at 11, and we went out to the salon Tif works at, and she did our hair, and that was a lot of time & energy on HER part! All I had to do was sit there, while she cut my hair, lightened it all over...the way she has to do it since my hair is so thick is, a layer of color, wrap that layer in tinfoil (no joke!!), another layer of color, wrapped in foil, etc! I ended up with foil like an inch thick on my head, and Tif was showing the other girls how much color & 'lift' she had to use on it...keep in mind, my stupid hair isn't even, I love it! And she did Mom's while mine was 'processing', but we didn't get done there til about 3! Then we went to Mom's to see the new wallpaper she was getting in the kitchen...then we came back here, cuz I needed to pick up some 'leg medicine', so my legs would bend (one more ms problem...but it is fixable with meds, which is great!)...then we went to Perkins to get something to eat...about 6, we went to Wal-Mart so I could get some stuff...we got back to my house at 8 pm!! Then Joe had left a message from standing outside the front door, cuz he was s'posed to be here at 7, and I wasn't home yet...I called him back, he came back and brought his pictures, (about 200 of 'em) from all over Europe...Greece, Rome, Italy, France, Switzerland...etc! They were awesome! He won this trip from college cuz he did so good, and the top 30-some people got $$ and this Europe trip! I never realized how OLD everything is there, til I saw these! Especially the ones of him and some friends standing in the Coliseum, and in front of some of the statues, and the Obelisk, etc! WOW! So, I made it through the whole day, til about 2 am with no nap!! OMG, I am SO excited!!, I did NOT get out of bed til 3 pm, I was so worn out!! lol! Didn't matter, though...I made it yesterday!! Oh, and Joe gave me a bunch of pictures he got made for me, that he took back when Tif was 3 or 4! We were laughing about how funny it'd be if he took one to the bar he works at some nights, and Tif goes out there with her friends sometimes...and he just thumbtacked it to the wall, to see if she or anybody said anything!!
Okay...I'm 'bout done...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Saturday, June 09, 2007


...ta-ta-ta, take me back, back to the rocking horse...back to where it all began...Take me back.. so I can start all over again...


That's all I've got at the moment in my head.

Anyway...well, here's my news analysis for the day..

If anyone tried to watch any news today (yes, there are those of us here that do watch it, to follow what's going on), you undoubtedly saw much more than you ever wanted to about what is going on with Paris Hilton now. Problem is, that is not news!! It's entertainment!! Meanwhile, General Peter Pace will be removed from his position in Iraq in September. How many of you knew that? Not many, I bet. Ooh, ooh, whoa I bet you don't know this! Congressman William Jefferson (D-Louisiana) was also finally indicted on his mess (bribery) that happened a couple years ago, and culminated in the FBI getting a warrant, and finding $90,000 in cash in his freezer. But, of course he's totally innocent...just ask him...

God, I'm in such a rotten-ass mood tonight. I'll quit thinking about all this, and think about when I called Boo today, and she told me that two of their 'barn cats' had kittens! She had absolutely not known about Spice, she felt awful...but then she said her kids had taken some pictures of the kittens, and she's gonna email them to me, and I get my choice when they're old enough to leave their moms...she said she won't let them go until they're at least 6 wks, preferably 8! I think that is the best way to do it! So...when I get these pictures, I'll want your opinions, okay? She described each of 'em, and they sound so CUTE!! She still has to check and see which are girls and boys, cuz

I definitely need a girl, that will be immediately spayed, of course!

I talked to Tif the last couple days, and she loves living there with her friend and friend's son! I haven't gone over yet, not cuz of any reason, just I'm 'crashing' from all the steroids, but that'll pass. I'll get there this weekend. Tif is REALLY gonna be jealous when I get a kitten. Her roommate and she agreed a long time ago that they would not have any kind of pet. Which is smart in a rented house...I'm still trying to make sure she gets renters' insurance. Something I'd never even heard of at her age! Man! What happened to me? I've never been this 'responsible'! Am I getting ready to die or something? heh... Naahhh...I'm just getting old, that's it...

Joe's gonna come over Monday night, so we can look at all his pictures from when he went to Europe after college last cool! He's got tons, especially from Rome! That's gonna be fun!

Okay, I feel better now. I guess I'm finally safe to talk to again...Lorazepam is a life-saver! hehehe!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Monday, June 04, 2007


I love the show 'Hell's Kitchen'! Chef Ramsey is such a rude sonofabitch...but he gets shit done the way he wants it!! Ya gotta admire someone like that (as long as you don't have to work for them!).
So...tonight is one of Tif's last nights living here...she and her best friend signed a lease over the weekend to rent a house for a year. Okay, I know a lot of other people have lived through this, most kids move out earlier, and usually with a boyfriend....but, thank God, she's listened to us and didn't jump into moving in with a boyfriend, and she's waited until she's 23 and has a good job!! I'm SO proud and happy for her....but there's still a downside....I'm gonna miss her terribly! But, shhhhh, don't tell anybody...:-D. I can cry about it to myself in the middle of the night, without anyone hearing it, but I'll be DAMNED if I'm gonna let her see that I'm anything but supportive of what she's doing! She's at the age that she needs this...whether I like it or not...*sigh*. But, she's only moving about 6 blocks down the road, so I can still go to her house by riding my scooter, and she'll be here a lot, I hope. I just keep thinking that when I was her age, I had a 5-year old (her, obviously!), & she's going to have such an easier time! The girl she's moving in with has a 3 year old little boy, we've known them forever, and he is SUCH a sweetie! Actually, the other day when Tif & her friend had him over, Tif & him were playing...Tif got in my electric wheelchair, and got him up on her lap, and they took off, and I guess Tif never truly believed me when I told her it was really damn fast, so if she ever got on it, be careful! Oh man, I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in forever! It was kinda like watching a pinball in a machine...or, like a bumper car, or something! Or maybe, if anyone's ever been hooked on the best video game in the world....'MarioKart'! She took him out to the back door to go down the ramp, and tried to go around the corner in the laundry room, and kept getting caught on the washing machine...meanwhile, the little boy's sitting in her lap saying "Tiffany! That's the washer!" HAHA!! Then they went out & hit the ramp, and I'm surprised they ever quit!! "Do it again!!". To them, in that chair it was like a rollercoaster!! I WISH so bad I would've thought about grabbing my camera! Next time...
I did get to go "shopping" today, though. Tif brought a whole big double armload of clothes downstairs, and dumped them on my bed, and said "Anything you don't want, just go ahead and get rid of it." And this is after she already threw away 2 garbage bags full of clothes! Holy crap!! She's one of those people that will only wear Abercrombie & Fitch, Gap, etc. No WalMart stuff here! heehee. That's okay, it was all bought with her money. I'm just lucky we're both size 3's! The only problem I have is that shoe size of hers...I wear size 8 1/2...she wears 4 or 5!! Who ever heard of this happening??
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

i'm SO random today...

Oh, how humiliating for these poor animals...of course, you all know I wouldn't have anything to do with something like THIS!!

I would like to get some opinions on something...why is it that a person can't sell their kidney? Or part of their liver? They belong to YOU! I know donation of them is a great thing, but, there's an awful big shortage of donations! And, after all, this IS a free market, capitalistic economy...You have something I want...I buy it. That's how it goes here...we're not a socialist country, no matter what people think we should be! This is also why I think prostitution should be might clean up the streets if there were 'bordellos' a guy could go to! After all, I have yet to meet one who doesn't go find it for free...what makes THAT any better than him paying for it outright? Yeah, it's the long run...
Anyway...if it's MY body, why does the government have ANY say in whether I sell part of it, rent part of it, whatever? I have a perfectly good liver that I'd be willing to sell half of, so another person could also live a good productive life. Why is THAT a bad thing? Yeah, personally, I want both of my kidneys...they don't grow back, but a liver does! After all, we can sell sperm, eggs, plasma...what's the frikkin' difference? Sperm & eggs make new people...a liver or kidney or cornea does nothing but make an existing person's life better.
Better yet...if the government wants so bad to be in charge of what is done with a person's body, why don't they somehow get convicted criminals, who are getting the death penalty to give up their organs after death? They could pay the person's family for it (in advance, if need be)...I'm sure there are families who would be glad to get the money for it, if not for them, just for the convict's kids' college fund! That would be a much better way for that person to be remembered, rather than by who he killed...maybe we could remember whose life they SAVED??
That's just my opinion, bout yours?
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!