Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thurs June 14

Well, it's Thursday, and I finally am feeling like I'm 'human' again! Like I said, Monday kicked my ass...but it was fun...then Tuesday night, Tif gave me my Avonex shot (for ms...get it in my arm every I was all right with it that night, sometimes it can make me feel like shit, but it was okay that night. But then I didn't wake up til 2 pm the next day, and I had a 'shot hangover' all day til last night. But I came back to life last night around 8...and, of course, was awake all 1 am, I went out in the kitchen and made a big bag of butter flavored microwave popcorn, took it in the bedroom, watched the Nancy Grace show, and I ate the whole entire bag by myself!! My God, what a damn pig! Then I started flipping channels, and found the shows "Good Times", "Cheers", "Blind Date"...holy crap...I suck. But I got up at 11 am today, and it's good.
The kitten in this picture has almost the same exact markings as Spice did! Except Spice was much cuter, because she had a regular face, not one that looked like somebody kicked her in it...
I forgot about when Joe & I were talking about our books & stuff (he reads almost as much as me!). Stephen King was our favorite back when we hung around, so we know what books & stories are each others' favorites. Like we were hooked on 'The Talisman'...he's Wolf, I'm Jacky...which makes no sense unless you've read the book...then something came up in the conversation, that made Joe say I'd probably start going around, unplugging everything, saying the government is invading my brain waves with the electricity. Then he said he knew that was from one of SK's old short stories, but he couldn't remember which one. When he said that, I remembered it a little too, and I sat and thought for a couple minutes, then said, "Oh!! 'Fornit some Fornus'!! "The Ballad Of The Flexible Bullet"!!! Okay...that makes absolutely no sense either, but he knew what I was talking about, he remembered it too then. Oh, shit, that was funny!
OMG! I just went in the kitchen to fix dinner, and it smells awful out there! Why?? Well...gotta be honest fault (well, duhh)...I burnt the first bag of popcorn I made last night, burnt it til it was brown! So...I just dumped it in the trash, after I opened it and saw that. So...I have that wondrous aroma wafting through the house, even though every window is open in here, and the big fan in the attic has been on all day!! Time to go dump some Pine-Sol in a bucket, and let it sit in the kitchen, so it'll smell clean, anyway...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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