Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day, 2007...

Is this just kinda scary, if you think about 'maybe this is how our fighter pilots are trained??'

...but I absolutely KNOW this is wrong...but, here it is anyway...forgive me Father...

So how was everybody's Father's Day? I hope it was really happy and fun. We had a great celebration today for it...we even got most of the cookout & eating done before the skies opened up and it started raining like pouring piss out of a boot! (that's a guy's quote, ya know?).

Everything's still going really good for Tif & her friend at their house. I hafta admit, though, it is kinda funny to hear Tif say something about 'I can't afford to miss work now', 'it takes a lot of my time to keep the house clean', 'we're almost out of toilet paper, paper towels, etc...', and I heard a new one today...'I wish they'd realize they don't have to use a whole roll every time they're in there...'.No, she's not bitching at all, just joking! I love it! And, yes, everybody's right when they say you'll get along better when your kid doesn't live with you!

I was just thinking again today when I heard a commercial for a show about the #1 movies....the very best one I'd pick is (although I'm not a big 'movie person') The Wizard Of Oz! Everybody's seen that, and probably everyone was, like me, scared to death of the flying monkeys! One of my email friends in Spain even knew the movie, and loves it! I loved when that movie was on Sunday night on the Wonderful World Of Disney movie, and we were up in the country at my Grandma's farm...we'd eat, the grownups would clean up, we cousins would be all excited, and be loud til someone said 'Knock it off, or no movie!'...then we'd settle down and color or something...When the movie started, all 6 or 7 of us kids were sprawled all over the floor, with all adults sitting all prim & proper on the couches or in the dining room. Most of us kids would be asleep when the movie ended, so we each got carried out to our parents' cars, and laid down on the backseat so we'd sleep all the way home. I was the one that lived the farthest away, we were an hour south of the farm. And...I was the 'spoiled brat'...I had no one in the backseat but me, my brothers were grown up & moved out. But seriously...weren't those the 'good old days'? When you could ride home asleep in the backseat, and not have to be in a stupid carseat, or sitting up with your seatbelt on? Wow! I even used to take a bed pillow up there (Mom always made me). No, but there is absolutely no better feeling of security than 'cozying down' in a pillow & blanket in the backseat on the way home, & hearing Mom & Dad talking in the front seat ( they didn't wake up the tired little girl!). I feel bad for kids now that will never, ever be able to have that feeling, don't you?

And, hey, speaking of Mom...she had a second pet scan Wednesday, and Psycho took her out to the hospital to get the results Friday morning, and...they see no cancer in her lung or anywhere else anymore!! How great is that??? They did the biopsy on Mother's Day weekend 2006, we were told the results were 'grim' (of course, that's from Psycho!), and they said 3 to 6 months...and, thank God, it's been way over a year now!!! That's really neat to get good news at a time like this!!
Okay...gotta go~!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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