Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tuesday, already!

Hmmmm...maybe this might be why I don't want to live in Florida??

...and THIS needs no explanation!!

Okay...I can absolutely NOT believe this! I think, no, I know I did more yesterday than I have in the last 6 months put together! I got up at 10 am, took a shower (like always...but, that, in itself, usually wears me out, even though I have a seat & a handheld shower!). Mom came over at 11, and we went out to the salon Tif works at, and she did our hair, and that was a lot of time & energy on HER part! All I had to do was sit there, while she cut my hair, lightened it all over...the way she has to do it since my hair is so thick is, a layer of color, wrap that layer in tinfoil (no joke!!), another layer of color, wrapped in foil, etc! I ended up with foil like an inch thick on my head, and Tif was showing the other girls how much color & 'lift' she had to use on it...keep in mind, my stupid hair isn't even shoulder-length...so, I love it! And she did Mom's while mine was 'processing', but we didn't get done there til about 3! Then we went to Mom's to see the new wallpaper she was getting in the kitchen...then we came back here, cuz I needed to pick up some 'leg medicine', so my legs would bend (one more ms problem...but it is fixable with meds, which is great!)...then we went to Perkins to get something to eat...about 6, we went to Wal-Mart so I could get some stuff...we got back to my house at 8 pm!! Then Joe had left a message from standing outside the front door, cuz he was s'posed to be here at 7, and I wasn't home yet...I called him back, he came back and brought his pictures, (about 200 of 'em) from all over Europe...Greece, Rome, Italy, France, Switzerland...etc! They were awesome! He won this trip from college cuz he did so good, and the top 30-some people got $$ and this Europe trip! I never realized how OLD everything is there, til I saw these! Especially the ones of him and some friends standing in the Coliseum, and in front of some of the statues, and the Obelisk, etc! WOW! So, I made it through the whole day, til about 2 am with no nap!! OMG, I am SO excited!! However...today, I did NOT get out of bed til 3 pm, I was so worn out!! lol! Didn't matter, though...I made it yesterday!! Oh, and Joe gave me a bunch of pictures he got made for me, that he took back when Tif was 3 or 4! We were laughing about how funny it'd be if he took one to the bar he works at some nights, and Tif goes out there with her friends sometimes...and he just thumbtacked it to the wall, to see if she or anybody said anything!!
Okay...I'm 'bout done...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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