Monday, June 04, 2007


I love the show 'Hell's Kitchen'! Chef Ramsey is such a rude sonofabitch...but he gets shit done the way he wants it!! Ya gotta admire someone like that (as long as you don't have to work for them!).
So...tonight is one of Tif's last nights living here...she and her best friend signed a lease over the weekend to rent a house for a year. Okay, I know a lot of other people have lived through this, most kids move out earlier, and usually with a boyfriend....but, thank God, she's listened to us and didn't jump into moving in with a boyfriend, and she's waited until she's 23 and has a good job!! I'm SO proud and happy for her....but there's still a downside....I'm gonna miss her terribly! But, shhhhh, don't tell anybody...:-D. I can cry about it to myself in the middle of the night, without anyone hearing it, but I'll be DAMNED if I'm gonna let her see that I'm anything but supportive of what she's doing! She's at the age that she needs this...whether I like it or not...*sigh*. But, she's only moving about 6 blocks down the road, so I can still go to her house by riding my scooter, and she'll be here a lot, I hope. I just keep thinking that when I was her age, I had a 5-year old (her, obviously!), & she's going to have such an easier time! The girl she's moving in with has a 3 year old little boy, we've known them forever, and he is SUCH a sweetie! Actually, the other day when Tif & her friend had him over, Tif & him were playing...Tif got in my electric wheelchair, and got him up on her lap, and they took off, and I guess Tif never truly believed me when I told her it was really damn fast, so if she ever got on it, be careful! Oh man, I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in forever! It was kinda like watching a pinball in a machine...or, like a bumper car, or something! Or maybe, if anyone's ever been hooked on the best video game in the world....'MarioKart'! She took him out to the back door to go down the ramp, and tried to go around the corner in the laundry room, and kept getting caught on the washing machine...meanwhile, the little boy's sitting in her lap saying "Tiffany! That's the washer!" HAHA!! Then they went out & hit the ramp, and I'm surprised they ever quit!! "Do it again!!". To them, in that chair it was like a rollercoaster!! I WISH so bad I would've thought about grabbing my camera! Next time...
I did get to go "shopping" today, though. Tif brought a whole big double armload of clothes downstairs, and dumped them on my bed, and said "Anything you don't want, just go ahead and get rid of it." And this is after she already threw away 2 garbage bags full of clothes! Holy crap!! She's one of those people that will only wear Abercrombie & Fitch, Gap, etc. No WalMart stuff here! heehee. That's okay, it was all bought with her money. I'm just lucky we're both size 3's! The only problem I have is that shoe size of hers...I wear size 8 1/2...she wears 4 or 5!! Who ever heard of this happening??
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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