Friday, June 29, 2007



Yeah, I'm a slacker...but it's been fun, does that count for anything? Well, it's been hot and rainy here for awhile...rainy, I can deal with rain, well, honestly, I could live without all the humidity...
Things here are going really good, though. Yesterday one of my friends from when I worked at GTE came over, and we talked forever! She belongs to that religion, ummm, I don't know what it is, but it's the one that women wear skirts or dresses only, and always wear their hair in a bun...our seats were next to each other out there, and she was always so nice that there's no way anyone would not like her!! So that was in 1996, and the building was 3 floors, with 1000 people working there...I just think how I would never have met her otherwise, and I have other friends from there that we still email. Have you ever thought about where you originally found your friends? Sometimes it's someplace you expect to have friends from, like work, or your kids' friends parents, or school, if you're going...other times you find friends that you totally can't imagine your life without them, where you'd never expect to! Like Mouse, whom I was almost mortal enemies with for about the first 2 weeks we worked together up north (it was jealousy, on both our parts!). After that we became friends, that was 21 years ago, Tif was 2 1/2, Mouse's daughter wasn't even thought of yet. But now we call each other and email a few times a week! Or Chester (a woman) that was a delivery person up there, and we still email a lot...or a great friend of both of ours that died just a few years ago of cervical cancer, which by the way is why I will always keep up with check-ups with my 'nookie-lookie' dr! Not that she didn't, but, I don't know why it had to happen. Especially to her!
Joe was over last night too, and that was great! We just sat here catching up on a lot of shit that's happened over the last 17 or 18 years! And, of course, since I'd become friends with his friends, and he'd become friends with mine, we were, well, gossiping! "Hey, whatever happened to --------?", "blah blah blah blah blah...". "And what about ---------? Did he ever marry that girl he was going with?"
"blah blah blah blah, and they have 4 kids now..."
See how life can get away from you if you're not careful??
And now we have computers that we meet anyone in the world over!! Email friends all over the United States, Australia, South Africa, Spain, London, Gibraltar, oh, everywhere! A few of whom I've even met in person, and they've come here, and some people say, 'you met them over the internet, and you let them come to your house??' Aw, c'mon. It kinda makes a difference if it's somebody you've been writing with for years, and somebody who just pops on, and you don't know them at all...'course, I guess anybody could be anybody on here, I wouldn't KNOW, but, 'years' is different from 'weeks'! And, ya know what? You're all included in the list of friends I'll always remember, even if we haven't met in "meatspace", as Xdell ( x-y) calls it. (That expression makes me laugh every time I think of it!!).
BoUnCeS! to all my buddies!

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