Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wednesday June 20, 2007

Do you know the pathetic thing about this picture? I would be the person on the left, of course...see why I have SO many friends...

I really would like a bunch of opinions on this thought, okay?
Now there is a middle school in the state of Virginia that has a 'no-touch' policy...students are not allowed to touch each other. At all. No handshaking. No high-fives. No hugs for your best friend when she is crying & upset. Nothing!! Holy hell!! Next, little kids won't be allowed to play tag. Oh...that's already happening. Never mind. Or little elementary age kids won't be able to chase each other on the playground. Oh. never mind. I have to stop here...suffice it to say that, yup, I'm a fan of Fox News, but this story was also on CNN, when I was watching it later! How the HELL did we live when we were kids?? You know, no seatbelt law...parents were allowed to spank our butts when we did the wrong thing, like run into the street...we were allowed to chase each other around with bent sticks (gun shape) and yell "Bang, bang! I got you! Fall down, darn it, I GOT you!!" Teachers were even allowed to 'whack' us with a paddle if we were assholes in middle school, and not get sued. Trust me, this happened when I was in 6th grade in the 70's, when my friend & I threw chicken sandwiches at each other at lunch. I and many others lived through these things. I can just hear the arguments now..."but things are so much WORSE now! school shootings, high divorce rate, children having to be home alone after school!" Hmmmmm....has anyone ever thought that maybe that was the beginning of the cause of this shit? Maybe if parents tried to be PARENTS more than FRIENDS to their kids, it might help? Kids only have one or two parents...they can find & make their own friends!! That isn't the parents' job!! However, I guess that's being taken away from the kids too, seeing as how any kind of 'physical contact' is being taken away from them. Lemme ask all you parents hug your kids regularly? I know many do, but...I'm SURE it's fewer than it used to be. Or do you ever say "I love you!". Or, heaven forbid..."No, you can't" Or "Do your chores & homework before you go out to play!" Why would ANYONE think that our kids are doing better nowadays than they used to???

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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