Saturday, June 09, 2007


...ta-ta-ta, take me back, back to the rocking horse...back to where it all began...Take me back.. so I can start all over again...


That's all I've got at the moment in my head.

Anyway...well, here's my news analysis for the day..

If anyone tried to watch any news today (yes, there are those of us here that do watch it, to follow what's going on), you undoubtedly saw much more than you ever wanted to about what is going on with Paris Hilton now. Problem is, that is not news!! It's entertainment!! Meanwhile, General Peter Pace will be removed from his position in Iraq in September. How many of you knew that? Not many, I bet. Ooh, ooh, whoa I bet you don't know this! Congressman William Jefferson (D-Louisiana) was also finally indicted on his mess (bribery) that happened a couple years ago, and culminated in the FBI getting a warrant, and finding $90,000 in cash in his freezer. But, of course he's totally innocent...just ask him...

God, I'm in such a rotten-ass mood tonight. I'll quit thinking about all this, and think about when I called Boo today, and she told me that two of their 'barn cats' had kittens! She had absolutely not known about Spice, she felt awful...but then she said her kids had taken some pictures of the kittens, and she's gonna email them to me, and I get my choice when they're old enough to leave their moms...she said she won't let them go until they're at least 6 wks, preferably 8! I think that is the best way to do it! So...when I get these pictures, I'll want your opinions, okay? She described each of 'em, and they sound so CUTE!! She still has to check and see which are girls and boys, cuz

I definitely need a girl, that will be immediately spayed, of course!

I talked to Tif the last couple days, and she loves living there with her friend and friend's son! I haven't gone over yet, not cuz of any reason, just I'm 'crashing' from all the steroids, but that'll pass. I'll get there this weekend. Tif is REALLY gonna be jealous when I get a kitten. Her roommate and she agreed a long time ago that they would not have any kind of pet. Which is smart in a rented house...I'm still trying to make sure she gets renters' insurance. Something I'd never even heard of at her age! Man! What happened to me? I've never been this 'responsible'! Am I getting ready to die or something? heh... Naahhh...I'm just getting old, that's it...

Joe's gonna come over Monday night, so we can look at all his pictures from when he went to Europe after college last cool! He's got tons, especially from Rome! That's gonna be fun!

Okay, I feel better now. I guess I'm finally safe to talk to again...Lorazepam is a life-saver! hehehe!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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