Saturday, June 02, 2007

i'm SO random today...

Oh, how humiliating for these poor animals...of course, you all know I wouldn't have anything to do with something like THIS!!

I would like to get some opinions on something...why is it that a person can't sell their kidney? Or part of their liver? They belong to YOU! I know donation of them is a great thing, but, there's an awful big shortage of donations! And, after all, this IS a free market, capitalistic economy...You have something I want...I buy it. That's how it goes here...we're not a socialist country, no matter what people think we should be! This is also why I think prostitution should be might clean up the streets if there were 'bordellos' a guy could go to! After all, I have yet to meet one who doesn't go find it for free...what makes THAT any better than him paying for it outright? Yeah, it's the long run...
Anyway...if it's MY body, why does the government have ANY say in whether I sell part of it, rent part of it, whatever? I have a perfectly good liver that I'd be willing to sell half of, so another person could also live a good productive life. Why is THAT a bad thing? Yeah, personally, I want both of my kidneys...they don't grow back, but a liver does! After all, we can sell sperm, eggs, plasma...what's the frikkin' difference? Sperm & eggs make new people...a liver or kidney or cornea does nothing but make an existing person's life better.
Better yet...if the government wants so bad to be in charge of what is done with a person's body, why don't they somehow get convicted criminals, who are getting the death penalty to give up their organs after death? They could pay the person's family for it (in advance, if need be)...I'm sure there are families who would be glad to get the money for it, if not for them, just for the convict's kids' college fund! That would be a much better way for that person to be remembered, rather than by who he killed...maybe we could remember whose life they SAVED??
That's just my opinion, bout yours?
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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