Tuesday, June 26, 2007

...no rain...(blind melon, remember them?)

Thanks, Queenie!! This is really nice!! It's a total honor to be nominated for an award from the UK! Especially from a really talented writer like you!!
It's already been a pretty busy week here! I'm almost always too busy doing 'real stuff' instead of on the computer....which is the BEST, of course!!
Was shopping with Mom yesterday most of the day, we had fun. I have to share something kinda (really) smartass my mom said yesterday, so everyone will understand exactly where I inherited this from! She was telling me that someone said "I heard you lost your husband last year.", and all she could think was "Yes, how careless of me!" I'm sorry, but that's funny, no matter who you are!! But, when I got done laughing, I asked her if she really said that. She said, "Oh no! I could NEVER say a thing like that to someone else!" See? I inherited the brain to think of it from her, and the guts to actually say it from my dad...unfortunately, nobody passed on the brains to NOT say the stuff!!...that has to be a 'live & learn' type of thing...trouble is...(that's a Kenny Wayne Shepherd album, by the way)...when you live & DON'T learn!! By the way...if anyone sees the picture of Kenny Wayne Shepherd on that album cover....he could be one of the "Mmmm-Bop" singers grown up!! Hanson, that's it!!
I just heard on the news that it was 92 today! Yuk!! 75 to 80 would be fine, thankyouverymuch!
Kevin's dad took me out to the dr's office today, and I'm actually getting just as good with that scooter as I was driving my little cars!
When we get in the elevator, I back it in, so I don't have to mess around with trying to turn it around in there...and I always back it in the back door up the last 4 feet of ramp, cuz there's absolutely no room to turn it around back there in the laundry room!
If anyone's been keeping up with the news lately...
I feel awful for Jessie Davis's murder here in Ohio, and that of her unborn baby Chloe. May they rest in peace. That murder happened in Stark County, Ohio, where I was born, about 100 miles north of me now. I hope her baby's dad will burn in hell for her murder, especially since he's SUCH a prince that he's also the father of her 2 year old son, who was where when she was killed, and left alone in the house after he 'allegedly' took her body and buried her in a shallow grave. And he's been married to another woman for years, which says right there that he's a coward and a dirtbag with nothing about him to respect!! And that's even if he didn't kill Jessie (which there's almost no doubt that he did!)
I was awake at 3:00 am last night, when Paris Hilton got out of jail. I had the tv on Fox news, but there was live coverage everywhere, showing her walking out of the jail. News? Hardly.
All righty then. I'm out of stuff...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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