Wednesday, November 23, 2005

other old shit...(Kim & I, of course)

Okay, Shannon, I apologize profusely for stealing this, but I just HAD to!! It's just TOO cute!!

The first picture up there on the left is the sign on the wall in my old house I grew up in. When Kim & I got to be around 14 or 15, we just took over the attic (yes, the 3rd floor where Kim peed out the damn window!). There were tons of rooms & closets up there, but no bathroom, ya know? ;-) There's a ghost story coming soon about the attic, but this is about us! So pay attention!

No, Kim & I painted 2 signs that said "Party" on them, & hung them on the wall going into that room...and when my family & Kevin's mom went over there in 2003, the signs were still hanging there!! That totally freaked me out! I said something to the wife about how long ago we'd made them, and she said she was gonna take them down a long time ago, but it just seemed wrong, and they didn't want to go!! Holy crap!

We used that room for when we had people over for 'parties'...yeah...14 & 15 year olds' parties: nothing but Coca-Cola & pizzas...yawn...then when we got older & better at lying (!), we used to go out running around after dark, cuz, of course, nothing exciting ever happened during the day. We went past one of those big lighted signs in front of a carryout, and swooped our hands over the great big plastic letters on it. They all came out at the end of the sign (well, okay, I lied again...only 1 fell out...but you could see the lightbulbs over our heads going on.). Then we waited til there were no cars coming, and we just 'swooped' our hands across the letters again, and picked them up & ran home! And when we got back to my house, we thundered up the stairs, and into our room in the attic, and spread all the letters out on the floor, and figured out what we could spell with them, also to be hung on the walls! We figured out we could spell 'Ladies Night' and we hung that across one of the walls. Cuz, of course, the song was HUGE back then! (late 70's?). Around that time, we actually got a taste for beer...mostly cuz it was totally cheap. I remember one time Kim had this brilliant idea, & had somebody buy us a six-pack...of Bavarian beer, cuz it was the cheapest ($1.59 for a six-pack! You'dve thought we figured out WHY it was so cheap, huh?). Well, suffice it to say, we did figure out why it was cheap! We took the beer across town with us, and found some convenient bushes to hide in & drink it. And after about 1/2 of one, I got pukey-feeling (Kim hadn't even opened one yet!), so we decided to throw the one I had away, then we carried the other ones under our coats, back to my house. We went in the back door, and up the back stairs straight to my room on the second floor, then hurried up and shoved the rest of the unopened 6-pk in the bottom drawer of my desk because it had a lock on it! And, believe it or not, the shit was STILL there 10 years later! If I'd been smart, I'dve wrapped it up like a Christmas present & gave it to Kim that year!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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