Saturday, November 19, 2005

when we were 16...

Driving...okay, you thought Kim & I were little shits when we were walking...then we got our driver's licenses! Good thing they didn't let you have 'em til we were 16 at that time!! But, my mom swears, to this day, that I took to driving "like a duck to water"! And, actually, she was very right on that....I passed my driving test the first time I took it, in 1981, (my birthday's in December). I'd had to take the driving class in the summer of 1980, and that in itself was hilarious, because one of the girls in the class drove herself to the school every day, and after class went out & got in her car & drove home! Tiffany was one of the last to be able to take her class at school, cuz the schools stopped doing that, because of insurance! Kim was livid, cuz her daughter had to go to a driving school for classes! (didn't do much good for A, she's had at least 2 wrecks [bad ones, with charges filed against her!]) But Tiff was like me....also took to it 'like a duck to water'! Actually, Kevin wanted to do all the driving stuff with her, because he said "You got to see her first steps...I get to see her first driving!!" Okay, good point. So she passed the test the first time, too. And I knew she would.
But, anyway, back to me & Kim. Or, 'Kim & I'. It was always a really funny thing for me to put the brakes on (kinda hard), while Kim had her can of pop up to her mouth, taking a drink, and say, "Everybody bow!" I ruined SO many of her shirts! Then there was the time that Kim was driving down to the corner at the end of my street in her parents' blue Hornet, I was in the front passenger seat, and she turned right at the corner. At that time, of course, seat belts were optional (NOBODY wore them til it was law!). And, of course, the car doors weren't shut right, and my damn door flew open! I came real close to flying out the side! Man, did I bitch her out! (even though I was the one who had shut the door!). And, of course, Kim was the one that was famous for never covering her mouth & nose when she sneezed (aahh-CHOO!! snot-rockets straight out on the windshield!) and then she would never wipe it off if it was her parents' car before she took it home! Gross!! The absolute ONLY time I ever had a scratch on my car, was when the dumpster rolled over and hit US!! And, try explaining THAT to your mom! (the dumpster hit ME, I didn't hit IT!!) Well, there was also the time that I was by myself, on the 'wrong side' of town anyway, (according to Mom & Dad), and I was driving my car home (the V8 Comet). I was coming over the railroad tracks, and my muffler fell off! Wouldn't have been a problem if the back or the whole thing fell off. Nahhh, I'm Libby, remember? The FRONT of my muffler dropped off, and I was ON the railroad tracks! I couldn't go forward at all, cuz the muffler was hanging, and it caught on the rail every time I tried to go forward. Tried to go backward too, and by then, it wouldn't do that either. And this was the one set of tracks in town that had another set running parallel, about 10 feet behind it! So there was a pizza shop between the tracks, and there were a bunch of guys working in there, and I ran in & told them what happened, and they dropped what they were doing (ah-hah! a blonde damsel in distress!!), and came running out to (brilliant guys!) lift my car & get it over the tracks! But, keep in mind...this was a really solid 1972 Comet, 8-cylinder car...nobody short of 4 Andre the Giant's could lift it! Of course, 4 big solidly built high-school guys had absolutely NO LUCK! So they were, of course, embarrassed and pissed, & cussed my car out and turned around and stomped back in the pizza place, saying "We've got work to do!". One of the guys did shrug his shoulders sheepishly, and say "Sorry", but that was it!! Then I had to call my trusty (if crabby!) Dad, and he actually hit the phones right away & called whoever was in charge of the trains! and told them they absolutely HAD to reroute the next train coming through, so he had time to get a tow truck to get the car off the tracks! And he did it! Got the tow truck there, and got my car off the tracks, and in to be fixed the next day! OMG, he was awesome, cuz this was 10:30 pm! I did pay for it, emotionally, not monetarily, by hearing about the whole 'debacle' until I was 18! (and then I got pregnant & had to get married, so he had something new!).
All right...I had an appointment with my ms dr at the Cleveland Clinic Thursday afternoon, (3 hours away!), and Dr Stone (a woman dr, who knows SO much more than ANY other dr I've seen in the last 11 years for this...way better than Ohio State!). Anyway, that's my next post...this afternoon is the Ohio State/Michigan football game, so I'll be watchin'!!
BoUnCeS!!! GO OSU!! KICK SOME ASS!! BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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