Friday, November 04, 2005

ooga booga, green teeth!

Kim came over this morning around 10:30 am, to pick me up so we could, like, at least go look at the trees. So she banged on the front door, and, at the same time, we each yelled the same thing we used to say to each other in the morning when we were 13 and she stayed overnight..."Ooga Booga, Green Teeth!!" The difference here, is of course, that we're now 40, for heaven's sake! Oh, and also the fact that...I was in the house, and she was outside!! But, that's okay...but, well, I think Tiff was surprised to be woken up like that! haha!! Now we don't embarrass our moms...we embarrass our daughters!!
So, of course, after we went all the way through the cemetery (she pushed me in my wheelchair...yuk!), and I took tons of pictures of all the trees, we went back past my old house (you know, the one Kim peed out of the third floor window?) I took a picture up the side of the house as we were driving through the driveway (which goes from a major street in the back of the house to the major street in front) But if you look right below the point on the roof, well, that's where it was! That house is about 8 blocks from our house here. Which, by the way, is the house in the other picture. I LOVE the dark blue shutters and stuff. Kevin painted our front door dark blue a couple years ago, and since then I've been nagging for the rest!
But...I'm SO disappointed in the way the house looks now, since the man that used to live there died, and the house was auctioned! Kim told me a few weeks ago that she grew up across the street from the woman who bought the house, and "she doesn't deserve to live there!!". Kim's mom has been a realtor here since, well, since forever, and she found out who it was. No, but seriously, that house looks like shit now!! Not only is the beautiful yellow paint peeling off, the backyard was paved over, and it looks like a damn parking lot! And it isn't being used as an office or store! It's a freakin' house!! And there were workers there putting up a solid wood fence around the 'former' backyard, and there were 2 great big ugly stone statues on the porch, and a fucking gas grill back by the bushes out front! In front of the house, on a main street!! Shit!! That house has been there since the late 1800's, and it's never looked worse!! Kim swears she's gonna write a letter to the owners, but, she better not. I'll just wait and, after I die, I'll go back there & haunt them!! And if they're gone, or the house is gone, well...I'll look them up & haunt them in their new house! All I know is, I'm not going past it again! Not on purpose, anyway...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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