Sunday, August 12, 2007

some pictures...

These pictures are one the next street over from where I live! And, actually, the other end of town was what got the worst damage!
No wonder I heard chainsaws all day Friday, huh??
I was out riding all over this part of town yesterday, and, well, look at it. The grass is finally green, and the flowers are perked back up...but is this what it takes, for heaven's sake??? I didn't go down to the other end of town, basically cuz I had to go to the store & bank here, and that was enough, besides taking all these pictures!
The next night, after the storm, I found out exactly how totally juvenile I am. If you've ever seen the show "Blind Date", well, you'll understand here. A girl and a guy were out on their first blind date, and the first place they were was a bar. They were sitting there drinking, and talking, and all of a sudden, she burped so loud! Even louder than me!! Then they both laughed about it for awhile, having a contest. That was really funny...but then, when they were walking out to the car, she says 'oh, i gotta fart', and she bent over and let one rip! A LOUD one!! I laughed my ASS off, loudly...not so, her date...he did not look amused! Although he played along fairly well...until she decided to show off her skill by peeing standing up into the bushes, like a guy! Such talent! lol! After the date ended, he said he's not gonna go out with her again, he's afraid he might need to take a pooper-scooper!!
I'm looking forward to getting another book off ebay tomorrow, it's another 1945 vintage from the same woman I got the first one from, and it's also by the same author, she's hilarious!
Well, I have some laundry & stuff to do, so I better do it....I s'pose...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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