Monday, August 27, 2007

Sunday night!! woohoo!!

Geez, I've had a really good weekend...there's something to be said for getting on top of reality, not just what you always assumed your reality was..'nuff said.

So, I went up and dug around in the attic room awhile ago, & found this week's reading! I have SO missed these books!! I've read them all...and, yes, that Psychology book was from the one class at OSU I had time to take, before I got on full-time at work *sigh* I wish I had the money to do it the time, I had a choice...raise Tif, therefore get a job, or, well, I have no freakin idea what else you'd do in that situation...anyone? Anyone?

I LOVE that quote from...ummm...Ferris Bueller's Day Off! That movie was on Saturday morning, after all the Fox News investment shows I watch for the first hours! Boy...if you only had a clue how much 'not smart' about investing I am!! HA!!

I'll learn someday, though...

I'm actually amazed at the great condition all these books are still in! And, as for the O Henry book....I have NO idea where that came from! I don't know if you can tell from the picture or not, but it's a big, puffy, leather-covered book...and heavy as heck! I know it's not Kev's, I know the books he had. There's a great kid book Kev's dad gave me years ago too, 'Ferdinand The Bull'. You HAFTA love that one! I know YOU do, tlp!!

That's what I did today, after laundry, and sweeping, and calling Mouse back and talking to her for an hour...she kinda has a bunch of shit up now, too. Kinda odd, but I've been where she is now, 22 years ago...and I'm so happy to be able to "pay it forward", not with money, but suggestions & care. And if nobody's ever seen the movie "Pay It Forward", it is WELL WORTH watching!!
And, yesterday, I took off on my scooter before it started to look really ugly out, and went to the Dollar Store and the Certified gas station for aspirin, Coke, and cigarettes...the mainstay of survival, dontcha know? lol! Just a hint... extra strength-Excedrin is THE only aspirin in the world!! Cuz it has caffeine...
Oh, plus, I 'restocked' my candy! I spent about $25.xx on chocolate bars....y'know, Goobers, Raisinettes, Hershey's with almonds, Junior Mints, et al! Oh, and Take 5!!
Friday night, I got to get out to Fantastic Sam's and get Tif to cut my hair, finally! OMG!! We had, uhhh, fun..well, Tif & I had fun...I GOT PICKED ON!!! They were kinda busy that night, but I know all the girls there, cuz they're all Tif's friends, + she lives with the one girl and her little boy (4 yrs old). So H went & brought her little boy in after she got off work...I was up front buying something that Tif talked me in to...a 2 1/2 oz tube of super heavy duty conditioner, cuz my hair's awful dry, I think from all my medicines...anyway...2 1/2 oz...= $17.00! It does really help, though...after I bought it, I said hi to H's little boy...he looked at me twice after he said hi, then said "Are you Tiff's grandma?" Oh holy hell!! I'm really glad I love that little boy...
My hair is now chin-length...I like it, just hard to get used to. And when I went to the front of the store, the girls were telling Tif how little I am, and Tif told them "You'd never believe it by what she eats!" haha! She said I do eat a lot of salads...with enough Italian dressing on it so it looks like a bowl of soup!!
All right...time to go drag my books to bed, and start reading....oh, just something I picked up on on the investing stuff today...banks don't really WANT to foreclose on your house, you's not like they'll make any kind of money off of them, for heaven's sake! Why would they want your house?? All it is, is something
else for them to deal with! But...please don't let the government bail them out!! Shit, I have my OWN house to pay for, why would I want my tax dollars to pay off someone else's mortgage??
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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