Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Sure, yeah, I'm in a couple of these...forever ago!! But...Tif sure dressed up nice, huh? "Reminiscing"!...Nahhh...she still dresses up nice, by her own choice...I hafta admire that in a person!

What to write about, what to write? Well, I could always touch upon (no pun intended!) Senator Larry Craig (R. ID), but, honestly, that kinda makes me want to chuck this early in the day. He pleaded guilty of this forever ago! And now, says he didn't do it, just said he was guilty to get it over with?? Oh, if it were that easy for a real person to get away with this crap! You know, kinda the way Paris Hilton & Lindsay Lohan have to work at it? haha! When did it become the vacation of choice to go to "rehab"? Because you know for a fact that the next thing you'll hear is that 'Senator Craig is going to rehab'. Rehab for pervs, right? No, what pisses me off the most is, he doesn't protest the fact that HE BROKE THE LAW!!, he protests "I'm not gay!" Gay or straight, makes no difference to me...but if I EVER found out you did that to a person that wanted nothing to do with anonymous sex in an anonymous bathroom...what if it was a kid, for God's sake??? I would SO send someone in there to kick his ass!! And then I'd pull the fire alarm and have him arrested...just cuz I'm vindictive like that, you know...

I do think our government is getting a lot bigger than it should be, don't you? Maybe I'm not cut out for the Republican or the Democratic party! I like more of the Republicans' ideas, but some, I don't think they have any business in! Such as, I'm still on the fence on abortion...never late-terms, but, well, I think that should be between a woman and her God...and the government is not God!! Do you know what karma is? I think it means that if you do something shitty to someone, it's gonna come back & bite you in the ass someday, and sometimes, I hope I'm right there to see it!

All right..I'm rambling now...I have to stop and go ride my scooter around and, I dunno, terrorize small animals or something...see ya!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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