Thursday, August 16, 2007

...Thurs...another storm overnight last night!!, as far as I know. this kinda stuff didn't happen last night, this is just more pictures from the bad storm we had last week! Last night, the lights went off, but they only stayed off for a couple minutes...but, it sounded really bad all night!
My friend from Verizon, that I used to work with, came over after she got off work today, and we were talking about the storm last week. She lives about 15 minutes south of here, kinda out in the country, and she said they got the rain and stuff, but there was no kind of damage there at all!!
So I guess we just had a big target on our heads in this town! *sigh*.
We were tryinng to figure out how the electricity must be set up in this town, though. Because mine was off for about 4-6 block north of here was off for over 24 hours...about 6 blocks north never went off at all!! How weird is that??
I'm getting the iv steroids again next Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday...yay!! I know, nobody probably thinks that I'm 'right in the head', being that I'm looking forward to getting stuck with an iv in my arm each day for 3 days...but, it's kinda like "happy juice", followed by 12 days of "happy pills"! And how could anyone not look forward to 2 weeks of constant drugging...that's actually legal?? lol! And I'm pretty used to needles, being that I've gotten an Avonex shot in my arm once a week for 13 years! Still can't figure out if that's helped my ms any, but, I'm still walking and stuff, and, well, if I quit getting these, and lost any physical ability, do you have any idea how hard I'd be kicking myself in the ass for the rest of my life?? I wonder if pot helps anything with this except for, like pain? I guess it really doesn't matter, cuz it's illegal here (God knows, I'd never touch anything illegal!! *grin*...actually, I don't, since I'm not a teenager anymore!). Anyway, pain is the one symptom I've never had with this...which is great!
I actually watched the movie 'Gladiator' last night. Joe brought it over and sat here and explained all the way through who each person was. He's so into ancient Greek/any kind of European history it's not funny, he always has been. After the movie, we were talking about politics, and, well, he's pretty much Republican like me, but at this point, he said he thinks anybody who admits to having political aspirations should be gathered up, and put in a pile out in a desert, and they should all be nuked...ha! Gotta say, I'm knowing that feeling already...
Anyway, when he was getting ready to walk out the door to leave, I said, I dunno, something about something, and he's like, Libby, I've been a bartender for 12 years....I'm jaded. So, I stuck out my hand and said, "Jaded...nice to meetcha! I'm Bitter!" huh...twenty years ago, when we were best friends, he was Wolf & I was Jacky (Stephen King's book 'The Talisman') we're Jaded and Bitter...sad...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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