Monday, August 13, 2007

more storm pictures, across town where it was REALLY bad....

Y'know, maybe this city is in a worse part of Ohio than I ever admitted, huh? These pictures are from the west side of town, where, yeah, the damage really WAS the worst there!! And, keep in mind, this was classed as straight-line winds, not a tornado! The clouds in the picture up there are in a town about 20 miles east of us.
Got my other book today from the lady in Nebraska on eBay. She really is a seller you can trust, it's a 1945 hardcover, in perfect condition, the cover isn't even faded or anything! She buys stuff from estate THAT would be a job for me! Hmmmm...must think about that...

All right, I have some really obnoxious opinions at the moment....good or bad, they're mine.
Like I've been thinking about selling stuff on the internet lately, the biggest problem I have is...well...what I have enough of to sell is....books...yeah, that'll happen...(snort).

Honestly though, guys, those frikking infomercials I've been watching in the middle of the night, well, they got me! Just for a couple days, though! If you see the ad for SMC, well, honestly, I really don't think it's quite as good as Tom Bosley says it is...he is a trustworthy face for a commercial, though..."If Mr Cunningham says it, it must be true"! No, I did sign up to get the starter package of stuff, let the guy on the phone talk me into signing up for the silver plan, which is frikkin $40 a month for a year!! But that was on August 1st...I thought about it a few days, and thought 'you know what? I don't need them...I can do eBay, and not have to pay them that!' Its big draw for me was that it's a drop/ship place, where people order what they want from you, you send the order to SMC, with the address to ship it to, they ship it, you get money, but a lot goes to SMC...and they're already charging you 40 bucks a month! God, how could I have been so stupid?? Well, who may work for some's not for me, though. So. I tried to call and cancel on August 6 (you have a 30-day free cancellation period). I was on hold with about 8 different people for about 4 hours, until finally the last guy gave me the direct number to the cancellation department...I got there...then all it was was a recording, telling me none of the reps are authorized to cancel anything over the gave me one address in California to send the package back, + another one that I had to send a letter to in a different city, saying why I wanted out! So I UPS'd the package back today, and mailed the letter today, too, and,well, we'll see. Geez...thank God I didn't order the 'Super Colon Cleanser' stuff or anything!
I do have one very complimentary thing to say about something else I bought...'The Swivel Sweeper'. I got it within a week or two, it was only $20.00, and it is EVERYTHING they say it is!! My muscles would be okay for my regular sweeper, but, my balance is way too bad to even think about using that! But this is really no heavier than a broom, but it's a vacuum, with a rechargable battery!! So...pats on the back to them!!
Now for just one more question...everybody's all used "It's not you, it's me" when breaking it off with someone....has anyone heard, in so many words, "It's not me, it's you." when being dumped on your ass? Just wondered...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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