Friday, June 30, 2006

Friday!! and it's not raining!!

Now, the baby is funny as hell...that squirrel is just plain fucking sick!! Where do I find this disgusting shit??
I'm bored today. Yesterday Tiff & Zak brought Jenga (their papillon dog, and yes, she's been spayed!) over while they were going to be at work, so I 'babysat' for my grand-dog. She is so good and cute, she's actually the only dog I like!! I mean, she doesn't pee or poop in the house, she's nice, 'plays well with Truman', and only weighs about 12 lbs!
I was thinkin' today...what's some of the books you read when you were young, that you'd still read again? A few years ago, I bought a copy of 'The Phantom Tollbooth' from Amazon, and it was SO good to read it again!! I also had the whole hardcover set of all the Raggedy Ann & Andy books, the whole hardcover set of all the "Little House On The Prairie" books.I know they're in boxes in my mom & dad's basement now! Holy crap!! I just thought of that...where the hell am I gonna put 'em if I need to take 'em?? Oh, and I can't forget the old 'The Egg And I' book...and "Cheaper By The Dozen" (completely different and far better than the recent movies!)..."Helter Skelter"..."The Stand", which Mom bought for me when it first came out in the 70's, and I was home from school with the flu that day...! There are probably twice as many books over there as there are in here, since I don't drive anymore, I order my books from somewhere (usually eBay!), cuz I can't get back & forth to the library. Oh well...that was always one of the saddest days of my life, when I had to take the books back to the library. Even though I brought home a paper bag full every week and read all of them, I hated taking them back!! I guess that's always been one of my (many, probably!) pet peeves!! I HATE getting rid of ANY book, even if I'm not fond of the book, and will never read it again!! I can just see it now...someday, when they find my cold, dead body curled up dead at the bottom of a ceiling-high stack of books...I guess I'll finally be'll see me on the news some night and they'll be talking about "that crazy old lady that lived down on the corner"...
And, damn, I was just out in the kitchen digging through the freezer, and I found a whole sealed half gallon of Good Humor neapolitan ice cream! WooHoo!! Gotta go do something about this!

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