Monday, June 05, 2006


All right. Is everybody ready for tomorrow? You know, 6-6-06...I know where I'd go if I could drive..yeah, I'd go straight to Hell (the town in Michigan). I bet they're gonna have fun there tomorrow!

Okay, okay, lemme see now...ok, last one....traded it in right after this...
One evening, I was out drinking with a former boyfriend (call him John...most Johns on here are assholes, anyway) in a town he lived in that was about 15 miles away from where we worked (yeah, he was the assistant manager of the store I worked at). We were out with a lot of other people, just going around to a bunch of places. Well, when it got to be around 1:30 am, we all decided we were done, and left to go home. I took John home (to his mommy's house...he was about 23), and I took off down the road to my town, which was still an hour south. I got down the road about halfway home, to where I had to get off the 2 lane road I was on from his town, to get onto the 4 lane highway for the second 1/2 hour to my town. Just as I got off the 2 lane and went down the ramp to the good highway, well, guess what...yup...good old Ivan just never failed me...he stalled!! was like 2 in the morning! And there I sit, in my faithful (:-/ ) little Yugo, in the 'breakdown' lane. I think those were probably named after Yugos.
So there I sat, way before cell phones or anything, looking over at the sheriff's office in the town there...but it was about 5 miles away, across fields, and, dammit, I was tired! I sat there trying to figure out what to do, kinda wishing that a cop would pull up, and they could take me there. But then I saw headlights in the rearview mirror, and just kept watching. Pretty soon, I saw that it was a semi, and I was really relieved. Remember, if you EVER have to get a ride with a stranger, there's actually nobody safer to get a ride with than a truck driver! He came up beside the car, and I almost figured it was a truck driver who recognized my Yugo, for heaven's sake, but it wasn't. He gladly gave me a ride back to the sheriff's office, and I got out and called John, and he came and picked me up & took me home. (we got the car the next day). Grrrrrr!!! Okay, that's about it for the Yugo stories. Maybe one more, but that's gonna be the one where I finally trade it in!!
never forget now... Jesus loves you....but I'm his favorite!

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